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Friday, May 20, 2011

Taking It To the Maxi!

Baron is getting used to this photo taking.

  I was looking for a great dress that I could wear to the pool, beach, (no plans to go, but hey, a girl can always hope) to dinner, a basically the perfect dress.  It also had to be cool so it would stand up to the southern heat!  Not that southern women sweat, because we don't....we glisten, honey.

The search was on.  I finally decided on a maxi dress, but some felt a bit too formal or the fabric wrinkled too easily which is not good for travel.   And with 4 kids, I really hate tags that say "Dry Clean Only".
Then I checked out the LOFT outlet and fell in love! 
With the dress, naturally.

The colors are complimentary for EVERYONE!  The dress was light and airy, and the price was just right.
Then I found a perfect cardi for cooler evenings and mornings.  I was sooo happy!
Is it possible that they are a perfect match to this amazing Coach bag?  Why yes.

Kaja has designated herself as my official photographer and did a bit of surfing of blogs to sharpen her skills.
She LOVES "posing Mom".  How fun for a 9 year old to get to tell her Mother what to do!!

Kaja directed me to pretend to be watering my plants!  I was like "With my purse???"
I think my daughter has been watching to much Nick at Nite!
Even June Cleaver and Donna Reed didn't have their purses for watering tomatoes....maybe gloves though.

Banana Republic sandals- clearance

ATL- necklace: recycled

Coach purse/scarf: gifted
So, this weekend I am going through my closet for the big "Spring Clean".  It is time to see what I really have, what I don't need, what doesn't fit, etc.  So far I found a sweater I bought on clearance 2 Years ago and it still had the tags on and had NEVER been worn!  I can't wait to see what else is in there!!!

Have a fabulous weekend!


  1. I love your outfit. But I find myself looking at your dog with envy. I miss my Shadow so much. Standards are special.

  2. This maxi is perfection on you - you done good!

  3. Dibs on your "cleaned out" stuff. lol

  4. Great maxi!!!! LOL, I love the watering plans with purse pose. You should do a blog shop - its the latest rage. ;-)

    Amber Lena Fashion
    outfits FOR SALE from $10!

  5. Perfect dress...perfect shoes!! For awhile I thought all bloggers shopped at Target every the majority I go to shop at Ann Taylor and the is an extremely popular place right now. I just hit their online clearance. I really like your sandals...great buy! Thanks for the comments and just know I am so happy to have you guys back!!

  6. Typically I don't like maxi dresses because the print is too bold, but I like this one! I think the muted colors really work!

    PS- I also read your other post that was removed. SO scary. Thank you for the warning!

  7. I love the daughter's posing ideas! And the dress is lovely.

  8. You look lovely, as always, Lise! But I agree, I generally don't take my purse out to water plants! But still... creativity points to Kaja! love you.

  9. woo hoo you are back!!
    glad to see nothing horrible has happened to you Joy.
    LUV the maxi!!
    perfect for those days when glistening is the only option :)

  10. Love your new dress and the whole outfit! What a cute doggie!

  11. I love the ATL necklace. Beautiful color.