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Saturday, May 7, 2011

My Message For Mothers Day

Lise and Josh
 Today I was prepared to write something memorable to all the Mothers out there.  But the weeks activities got in the way of me finishing (and trying to pass a kidney stone...and YES you did need to know that, LOL) I was frustrated not to be able to get back to writing.  At some point lost my ability to be a Mary Poppins Mother and raised my voice at Josh.  He was hurt and taken off guard (I blame the kidney stones) walked into the house, ripped up something and dropped it quietly in the trash.  Wrapping my arms around my little son, I kissed his forehead and apologized for losing my patience.  He, in turn apologized for his earlier behavior.  I told him I loved him and went to leave. 

About 30 minutes later Josh comes to find me with something in his hands.  It is the Mothers Day card he made for me and had previously thrown away.  He found Duct Tape and put it together!  He hands it to me and says "It's not perfect anymore, but I think you can still see that I love you too."

I cry.

We sat on the sofa looking at this perfect little treasure.  I explained that this may be my favorite gift ever because it shows very plainly how life is.  We are not accepted because we are perfect.  To the contrary, we all suffer tears and breaks, but to those that love us, we are always accepted and LOVED.  (Especially by Moms!)  :)
See?  This is STILL a beautiful card!

Look at that beautiful hand print!

Josh, I love you!  And to all the Mothers, Grandmothers, Aunts...etc  who love unconditionally....
Enjoy this special day!

Mom and Josh



  1. Ok, that might be the sweetest thing ever!

  2. Lise, that was beautiful. Thanks for sharing that and happy, happy mother's day to you!

  3. So sweet! Happy Mother's Day to both of you :)

    PS I love Josh's nickname!

  4. I didn't realize Josh's middle name was "Money Maker." That is awesome! ;)

  5. Joy- thanks!!!

    Melissa-Thanks! Happy Mothers Day to you also!

    M.J.- Thank You So Much!!!

    Wendi-LOL So, you picked up on that did you? lol Ever since he did so well with the Stock Market Game he said his middle name would be "Money Maker" LOL I love it!

  6. i love that he used duct tape
    he is a true boy