The only thing that separates us from the animals is our ability to accessorize.-Steel Magnolias

Sunday, January 29, 2012

I Make My Own Sun

As I have said before, it has been super mild temperature-wise but so so so SO rainy. I think I could handle all of zero more days without the sun. So I decided to make my own sunshine. With this sweater from peace place.

(*CONFESSION* It is from the children's section.)
These earrings were a gift from Lise. I said they were cute and she took them straight out of her ears and handed them to me. She is so nice.
dress, plaid shirt, and necklaces all from Peace Place as well.
I also found this yellow v-neck sweater at Peace Place.
These earrings were a gift from my mother-in-law when she went to Ireland.

What do y'all do to bring back the sun. (Besides singing "The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow" by Annie?)


  1. I love your yellows and the dress too. I've decided that in these winter months we need bright colors, not dark ones. It's dark enough outside. Well done.

  2. Ok, Leah, we can all tell how tiny you are from the pics. No need to rub it in our faces. Children's section, indeed!!!! It does look cute, like a shrug. I love the second sweater, it's a lovely shade of yellow. Looks awesome with navy.

    Please tell Lise how much I miss her!

  3. The yellow is just so fab on you!!

  4. I think you need to come here and teach me how to dress.

  5. Sorry Matilda! Wasn't trying to rub... just pointing that just because a smaller sweater doesn't "fit" like it was meant to doesn't mean you shouldn't try to wear it anyway... lol.

    Ann- Come for a visit! We could do a 7 day crash course!

    Judy & Joy- Thanks!

  6. Ps. We made blog history with this one! My hubs took the pic of me in the plaid shirt and cardi!

  7. i love these shades of yellow... which if you had said yellow was a great color for a redhead, i might have questioned it... but, you have made me a believer. just beautiful!
    p.s. where is the shout out to your bff for the awesome hair straightener on those gorgeous silky locks!? :-)