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Friday, January 20, 2012

A New "Lise" on Life

hahahha... I know. Funny right? So Lise gave me a gigantic bag filled with some seriously cool duds. In fact, I'm still trying to figure out why she gave them to me in the first place... I mean BESIDE that fact that 's she's cool AND she loves me... Guys! Seriously some of this stuff has not ever been worn!

But the event in which I feel like my life has taken change for the better happened about 3 weeks ago. As you know, I homeschool my oldest 2 children. Elizabeth is in first grade and Susan is in Pre-K. And we have struggled... for real STRUG-GULD! this year trying to figure out how to balance the priority of her academics with the priority of changing the baby's diaper. Or the priority of feeding the 4 year old and 3 year old lunch. Or the priority of washing dishes and folding laundry and vacuuming... you get the picture. I was stretched waaay too thin and she was NOT motivated to do her school work independently. I couldn't walk away from her and expect to come back to her still sitting at the table doing her assignment. I was stuck for 3 hours hoovering over her trying to get her to do just one math or language arts or whatever assignment. It was exhausting and frustrating and it was turning me into the most horrible, yelling, cranky pants mom in the WHOLE world. I was ready to give up. I cried my tears and felt the pain of guilt and failure wash over me. I was going to have to put her back in public school.

Then, my friend told me about an online program that she uses to homeschool her first grader. It is only $20 per month for access to the 1st grade curiculum as well as access to Kindergarten and 2nd grade. We gave it a try... and guess what?!?! She LOVES it! She will sit for hours on end doing lesson after lesson without a single complaint! She has already finished all of the 1st grade math, most of the 1st grade language arts, all of the 1st and 2nd grade science and social studies! So here we are. Just a month after all of the sadness and drama. ALMOST done with 1st grade! But since it is a comuter based program I haven't been able to pry her off of it long enough to get some blogging done. So here I am! Back in the saddle so to speak! And to top it all off... I have some new clothing items and jewelry from one of the most beautiful, stylish, fashionable and generous friends I know! Thanks Lise! You always give the best hand-me-downs!
Robert wanted to "fashion bwoggew" with me.
Loving all these ruffles.
I started to worry about too many ruffles in the same outfit when I remembered this little jem from pinterest. Yay for ruffles! Turns out she is one of my favorite bloggers. Found here.

So... what's got you feeling all happy lately?


  1. Tell Lise I said hi, I miss her!

    I love the outfit. I think neutrals together look so expensive and chic. You look mahvelous, darling!

  2. Yeah for Lise. Glad to hear that the schooling problems have resolved themselves. Makes you wonder what it is about the 'net that grabs kids attention that way.

  3. You are the best dressed homeschooling mom out there!! You look fab in the ruffles and the pearls!!

  4. Thank you ladies! I have a few more outfits based on the super chic clothes I got from the marvelous Lise! Can't wait to post them!