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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Happy 300th to you!

This is our 300th post! Are you EXCITED?!?!?! I'M EXCITED!!!! WOOOO HOOOOO! ... eh hem... ok sorry about that. I'm calm now.

I'm going to showcase some of my great finds from Peace Place last week. Are you ready? We all know I am!

Found this neat little top with a gold sequin detail around the v-neck. It still had the tags on it and it fit so well. Krystle hasn't been around the blog much lately but she is in fact in this picture. See the phone in my left hand? I was talking to her when I took this picture.
I just loved this 70's vintage dress. Polyester floral on top attached to a green velvet skirt. What's not to love? Except that it wasn't very flattering where the two pieces met so I covered it up with my denim vest. (also from pp)
I don't know why I liked this dress so much in the store... still debating. I think I may crop it to a tunic length. Opinions?
I have this dress pinned in the back which is why my arms look so awkward. It will definitely need to be altered but I couldn't resist. Olive and I go waaay back.
This little vintage beauty still had the original tags on it! The interesting thing was that there wasn't a barcode to be found. Funny huh? It is tad too large for me. any suggestions on how to make this dress a little more flattering?
You all know my love affair with chartruese. I just HAD to have this skirt. I almost paired it with a chocolate brown sweater... but why would I do that when I can wear it with another polky print?
I'm still on the fence with this tunic? mini jumper? I will obviously NEVER wear it alone as a dress. I like the idea of it but worry that it's a little too early 90's. Opinions? I'm also thinking it will make a fun maternity top someday. (WARNING! This is NOT, I repeat NOT an announcement... just keeping my options open) I have a ton more, but don't want to overwhelm you with pics today... or make you jealous of my thrifty finds! ;) I'll post more tomorrow! Until then... tell me which dress is your favorite.


  1. You are so pretty when you smile for the camera. You should try to do that more often. Congrats on your milestone!

  2. I love that red dress!! It's a shame it's a tad too big. It's beautiful!

  3. You have some unbelievable finds there!

  4. 300? Wow!! Ok, so that blue dress, cut to a tunic. That last dress/tunic, cut the straps, make it a skirt! Love the green velvet, the olive and the polky skirt!! You look great in ANY variation of green!!

  5. You found all those at Peace Place? I seriously need to make a special category in my budget for this place! :) Oh, and if you ever see a square coffee table there--no matter how ugly!--call me immediately! I am in desperate need of one. Well, okay, not desperate, but I really need one. :)

  6. Thanks ladies! I have already been busy at my sewing machine altering some of these. Wendi- I'm on it!