The only thing that separates us from the animals is our ability to accessorize.-Steel Magnolias

Friday, February 17, 2012

I've Got the Blues

Real baaad... Ok so it's not depression or anything totally serious. But my some of my family members out in Washington state planned a political event and the candidate that they (and I) support is going to show up! And since I'm AAAALLLLL the way down here in the Peach State... I'll be missing it. My silver lining was that CNN would be holding a GOP debate in Atlanta and it was possible that because of my work with the campaign I had a chance at some tickets. Well... all the candidates but one turned down the invite to the debate. So here I am moping about, wishing I was in my hometown today to shake hands with my favorite presidential candidate.

I'm going to Peace Place for some retail therapy.
I got this great royal blue skirt at Peace Place. 100% silk! It is light as a feather and feels amazing on my skin. The polky shirt, black kitten heels and blue beads are also a Peace Place finds. The flower brooch is self made from a silk dress I cut up from Peace Place. If there is ANYthing that can cheer my up today... it's Peace Place.

Oh... and this... You're welcome!


  1. Really cute outfit and I am so proud of you for being politically are setting a great example for other ladies!!

  2. Cute cute outfit!! I'm sorry you're missing out meeting your candidate!! Maybe something will happen close by, though, before the election and you can see him.

  3. Thanks guys! Joy was with me when I bought this skirt... I think she doubted how I would style it. I have a few more ideas coming up!

    Also... I'm going to post early next week my purchased from Peace place today. SO EXCITED!