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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Clearance Love!

I LOVE clearance racks. They are like a beacon in stores, aren't they? I especially love the 75% off racks at Target! I've found pretty good deals in the past. $2 jeans, $5 swimsuit top. Today was no exception. I found a pair of jeans for Leah for $4. They only had 1 pair in her size, though! I got a cute t shirt for $2 and 3 long sleeve tees for $2 each. Yes, it's 90 degrees, but I'll need those shirts come November!  AND I got a very cute navy cardi for $6!! (None of which I could find on the Target site!) I used my Target debit card to save an additional 5% and walked out of Target for less than $21! W00T!! The lady checking me out was even surprised!

Clearance racks and thrifting have ruined me for any other shopping, really. I'll see something on sale even and think, I can get that cheaper.  Are you the same?

I also love gifts from friends. Lise has given me another pair of earrings that I wonder how I lived without. She bought these on clearance, and I may or may not have been there as the devil on her shoulder telling her to get them. But she's never worn them, and didn't think she would, so she gave them to me! YAY! I've worn them 3 days in a row.  She knows me so well.

Cute, huh? Ann Taylor

This is the best pic I had of this outfit. Coral pants from Kohl's
and paisley shirt from Van Heusen.  Jake looks a little drugged,
doesn't he? LOL


  1. Adorable! Target is very exciting and then when you come across those sale racks it's even better. :)

  2. The earrings are so cute on you! Especially with your hair! Hugs! ~Serene

  3. Actually, July is my favorite shopping month because of all the sales! You can find winter and summer clearance and I always love the deals I find mid summer! The earrings are adorable! I would not give them back ever!!! So cute!

  4. Indeed sales and clearance racks have ruined me! We got $2.49 jeans for Maggie today and a $6.24 dress for me - get out - Target rocks! I love it so!

  5. Peggy, Target should pay us, we talk about it so much!!

  6. You are the queen of bargains...I was in Target just this afternoon and apparently didn't find the right rack.

  7. Why was I NOT at Target with you??? LOL
    The earrings look so amazing on you!

  8. Those coral pants are fantastic! I really need some bright pants. And clearance always makes me happy. :)