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Friday, June 24, 2011

GWP Addict!

Hey everyone! 
So, I am addicted to Gift With Purchases!!!
I order from different places just so I can get  more for my money.  If I have to buy some eye shadow, why not get 8 other wonderful products?  I have purchased GWP's from ebay (with varied success) also. 

SO, once a month I will try to keep you up to date with some great makeup GWP's (gift with purchase).
I hope you enjoy this new feature.  If you have any others that I miss, I would to hear about them!
I have put the link with each one for your convenience.

Now, stop reading and go shopping for heavens sake (or just get the computer out and order).

Clinique at Lord&Taylor

clinique pwp

bronzing gift

 Lancome gwp

Lancome at Bon Ton


  1. ha ha a GWP whore!!
    love it


  2. I looove gifts with purchases... They are always PERFECT for traveling and if I forget them at the hotel, I don't feel bad!

  3. I want that second Clinique bag with the tropical flowers and the rope. Sometimes I buy those things just for the bags or other non-cosmetic giveaways.

  4. Viktoria- Amen!

    Joyce- I love that one also! Good taste.

  5. OOOO....I am just like you...I love to get more for my money and gifts with purchases are one way to get that value! Thanks for the heads up!

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