The only thing that separates us from the animals is our ability to accessorize.-Steel Magnolias

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Turn On The Brights

I put together an outfit and prance outside for the photo taking only to be met with Kaja giving me
"The Look"
And the conversation goes like this....
Me:  What is it?  
Kaja:  Y..e...a...h..  kind of.  I mean you look kind of like a beach.  And I thought you were doing this whole "new look" thing with things in your closet and trying different colors and you just look the same so I think you should go change and hurry because I don't want to be late for Horse Camp.

What was I supposed to do?  My 9 year old is taking her photography assignment very seriously. 
 And she is right!
I race inside grab lime green, turquoise and sparkle.  I am back in position within 5 Minutes!

Why yes, I AM in love with these glasses, thank you!
They are sassy.

Hey, Kaja...Is this more like it?
(She nods with approval and the picture taking commences)

Bright Yellow! 
From Sassy Pants consignment in
Athens- Go There!  Shop and spend
They are having a spring sale that starts today!!!
Hurry, before I get there.

Up close and personal
The scarf is from "Charming Charlies"

Thrifted shrug!  Yay!  I love sparkly things.

So, you can still look polished and fun at the same time!  Mixing brites, like any other color, is easy.
Just stay with the same tonal family and they are happy together.  Turquoise and lime green love each other
and make people happy.  The yellow purse was just a splash of sunshine!  I felt much better about my
outfit and am loving this "Thinking outside the box" with the closest.

A great thing about accessories, like here, is that I can wear the basic pieces here with lots of things.  Then spend less $$ on a few fun things to bring splashes of color:  The purse, scarf a brite tank, jewelry, etc....

Ok, so take another look at your wardrobe, and add a dash of color for a completely different feel!
And have FUN for heavens sake!!!

photography by Kaja


  1. i am going with daughter and say look #2 is inspired. love the colors and the proportion
    you are rockin it

  2. I love both looks but I don't have a Charming Charlies near here and I'm not pleased about it.

  3. Great ideas! I love the turquoise on you.

  4. You know, I like BOTH outfits! The first is cool and calm and the second is bright and fun. Both look great on you!

  5. I LOVE it! I love that your 9 year old is giving you style advice. Hysterical. My 4 year old will probably be like that. :)

    I do love the lime and turquoise. You look absolutely beautiful!

    Come take a look inside A Working Mom's Closet

  6. That is just the cutest thing with your daughter. Kids can be your worst critic (but most time for the better). I most often ask my 16 and 6 year daughters for their advice, because I know they won't lie!

    Lovin your turqouise and lime. Great colors on you!

  7. I love both looks...alot!! I love the way your styled them with the jewelry...great job...both are perfect summer looks...and you are amazing in them!!

  8. Brett- Why thank you! I did have more fun in look #2

    Judy-What?? no Charming Charlies??? oh no!

  9. I like #1, LOVE #2, and think the green background is fantastic.

    House of Fifty Blog just had a great post on reorganizing closets, and between you and Janell, you've inspired me to reorganize mine! I bought the recommended hangers tonight and I start purging tomorrow AM!!

  10. Joyce- Thanks for the info! She did a great job on her post!!! Love it and am glad you are starting the purge.

  11. Kaja needs to make the comment rounds! And start up a stylist business. I like the bold colors.

  12. I've been away much too long. I have much catching up to do here!

    The yellow bag is totally cute, and totally makes this outfit! I love the colors together. Quite lovely.