The only thing that separates us from the animals is our ability to accessorize.-Steel Magnolias

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Weekend Wear (the tunic)

"Hey!!! Lady, get your lazy butt up and out of bed.
You have blogging to do!
I would do it for you, but you know, I'm a Poodle."

I am up and ready for anything!  Here is one of the my favorite maxi dresses that made
it through the "Great Closet Clean-Out 2011".   I got the glasses from
Tifosi....They are white and called "Lust".....need I say more?
(Thanks Kathy-I <3 these glasses)

 You were probably expecting some tailored outfit with a cardi with tags that say "Ann Taylor".  Nope.  This is unstructured, paired with leggings and fun silver jewelry and a chunky belt.  Glitz and still Glam!  Yay for change!  Boo for the weird things my camera is doing with the lighting.  Lets pretend that I meant to do this for effect, ok?  lol

The tunic top is a great addition to a wardrobe because you could throw this over a swimsuit at the pool
or beach.  Then again, it can be dressed up for an day of shopping or evening at
the hippest restaurant in town.  Yeah, I just said "hippest".  LOL

I think my favorite thing about the outfit is the gladiator sandals from ATL.  Hey, I have a thing about the store.  And these shoes just make me feel super cool.  And they catch the sunlight when I walk and sparkle which just makes me feel happy.

See how fabulous a tunic can be?  And they are perfect for travel with a knit material
because they just do not wrinkle.
What?  You are asking why I am shopping if I just cleaned out my closet?
Uhmmm....because.....oh yeah, I need some red in my closet for color.

Thanks for all the emails and Facebook messages about my last post.  It would appear that a lot of people out there are in need of a good closet cleaning. 
Stay tuned because I am working on the "Anatomy of a Closet" to help you out.
Or, I could just travel around the country and visit each one of you for a personal purging.....
Ok, that sounds like fun to me!!!


  1. Love the glasses...the tunic...the way you styled it...the look amazing!! Glad you got out of bed for blogging! Actually this may be my favorite outfit I've see on you!! Good job!

  2. Hey gorgeous. You look so good. I'm trying to get my hair grown out similar to yours. And I miss my standard. They are so wonderful.

  3. Lise, this is a crazy question: where did you get the dresser in your photo? it looks EXACTLY like one I used to own...having a bit of a flashback!

  4. I love that tunic on you with the leggings and low slung belt. SO gorgeous and perfect for a Saturday!

    Come take a look inside A Working Mom's Closet

  5. Pam- I almost didn't put that picture in, but hey, if you can't laugh at yourself life is no fun....right? LOL

  6. Julie- I LOVE this dresser. It was given to me by my mother-in-law, Ida. It was her mothers. At some point they put new handles on but otherwise it is just the way her mom had it. I put it by the entryway and decorate it for the different seasons!

  7. Melissa-I am so happy to see your face around again!!! Thanks

  8. That tunic with the leggings looks awesome on you. The gladiators really top it off. You look super chic for a day of Saturday shopping.

  9. It's a beautiful tunic and it looks so good with all the silver accessories.

  10. Style J- Thanks!!! Easy to get into and out of for trying on things. :)

    Terri!!! I have been having fun catching up on your blog! Its great.

  11. super cute tunic and i am lusting after those sunnies
    love the shape and the white is to die for
    i have a pair of white ones, but the shape is just kind of blah
    glad to see you back up and blogging
    i have missed ya