The only thing that separates us from the animals is our ability to accessorize.-Steel Magnolias

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Hide and Go Sleek!

You never know when a photo-op is going to hit you!  I wasn't feeling particularly inspired by my outfit,
but then Joy dropped some paper work off at the house and we laughed because we were
both wearing the same colors!
This is particularly unusual since the color of the day seemed to be red, which until last week, you could not find in my closet.  I now wear it almost every day (thanks to some shopping and really nice friends).
Photo Op!
How patriotic are WE?
No need to hide when you are lookin' this cute.
 First up we have the lovely Joy wearing her signature color!

What color does red love?  Turquoise!
Well played with that necklace. 

How cute are these sandals????  And you can't see it, but her pedi is
done in red, white and silver.  It's cool!

 Next up is Lise, who apparently has been out in the sun so much that her
hair has lightened to an amazingly strange color.  Hairdresser is going to
throw a fit...girl....hunh.

Kaja HAD to get a close-up of the belt.  It's red, beaded, beautiful and cost $2.
What's not to love?

We somehow missed the pedicure on this one, but the Payless clearance shoes are nice.
Funny note about my pedi's.  I go in and tell them all these different designs to paint on my toes. 
But Joy laughs because they always do the exact same thing and it has never been close to what I ask for.

"Seriously???....those are flowers???......uhmmmm on which planet?"

 Lise's outfit:
Shirt: ATL- thrifted
Skirt: (denim-which I rarely wear) Talbots-thrifted
Belt: ? thrifted
Necklace: ATL?-thrifted
Total outfit cost (including shoes) was $20.
Joys outfit:
Shirt: Kohl's
Skirt: Gap
Shoes: Payless
Necklace: thrifted from St Mary's Thrift for $2!

So, with the big 4th of July weekend upon us, what big plans are out there?
Lise is doing a wedding at the KOA Kampground in Cherokee, NC!
Looks like I will be sending pictures of my "Kamping Kouture" and wondering why the KOA
really has to spell everything with a "K".  Of course if we all did, we could just kick the letter "C"
right out of the alphabet! LOL

So....what are YOUR plans?


  1. What a funny post! Love both of ya'lls shoes. I plan on soaking up the sun in St. Augustine this weekend!

  2. Great post. Great outfits. And please if you can tell me what color turquoise doesn't go with.

  3. You two are beautiful! :)

    I really don't have any plans this weekend. Hopefully that means time to relax. :)

  4. Viktoria- st. Augustine? Lucky!

    Judy- Good point! lol

    Mel- Relax, you need it!
    Love, Lise

  5. Happy fourth! I need to get a pedicure...and have never ever had one! Does it tickle your feet?