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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

4 Kids, 3 Pets, 2 Homes, 1 Husband......

I love to look good! Some days this takes a bit of creativity. I help get my husband out the door, the 4 children (today was picture day at the elementary school). The 3 boys (still at home) were pretty easy, but the one darling princess.....drama. That is all I am going to say. It is hard to guide her in developing her own sense of style. After 5 boys, I just want to dress her up like Nellie Olsen and send her out the door. This of course would earn me the "evil eye". She is only 8 but has that look of disgust down as well as any seasoned diva.

I drive them all to 3 different schools (no, I can't let them ride the bus), get home and straighten up (our house just came on the market....a story for another day), take a shower, feed 2 dogs and 1 cat, get dressed and am at work by 9! (or 9:10).

But, I love my outfit today! Where did I get this fabulous skirt? Well....

I admit to being a bit of a fashion snob, OK? I am really good a finding sales, but when it comes to thrift stores.....uhm...not so much. But, last Saturday Joy made me see the light and repent of my ways. Joy took me on a thrift store shopping day! I had a blast! At PS2 (for Project Safe) I bought a tunic top (Liz Claiborne) that I loved so much, I paid the lady and kept the shirt on. Then we drop off at my husbands salon (Adam & Eve). We do a little hair and announce that we are going to Goodwill next. My husband laughs and says he needs proof of the day I walk into that place. Really? Well, here it is......

See? I am wearing the tunic from PS2 with my Ann Taylor jeans and Banana Republic shoes. Way cute! So, not only did I do the "Vanna" pose outside, but I shopped on the inside and found the cutest black and white skirt with tulle around the edge! It was priced at $2.40! Seriously! I have a real need for wearing black and white and even though I have set out to correct this, I could not pass this cute skirt up. It is in brand new condition. I paired it with a 3/4 sleeve sweater and sandals and a punch of red in the accessories and....voila!

Yeah, what is it with me and funny hand poses? The look is great though and the sweater can come off for warmer afternoons and cooler mornings. This makes it a great transition outfit! The necklace set came from a store on Hwy 29, "Down To Earth". I love supporting local when I can and this is a great place to get jewelry that is one of a kind.
Now to finish the work day, pick up the kids, do homework, reading, laundry, cooking, ironing.....whew...well at least I can look forward to putting on anther cute outfit tomorrow!

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