The only thing that separates us from the animals is our ability to accessorize.-Steel Magnolias

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Thursdays "Thriftivities" (yeah, I just made that up).

I am back! And I love my new word...Thriftivities!!! LOL
I am off on Wednesdays (Thanks Boss Man Boyett), since I have my house on the market and am trying to gut and restore another. I promise I will get pictures and explain my insanity next week.

First, this is not a dialogue, we want this to be a comment! We would LOVE to see your pictures, or hear your ideas!

Now, this morning I grab something that is from a garage sale. I am devoted to redoing (can you be devoted to something you started doing a week ago?), so I have to be creative here. This skirt came from the "Cracker Barrel" apparently. When I put it on it goes to my ANKLES. This is actually pretty impressive since I am about 6ft tall (5' 10 1/2" to be exact...OK?). I love the colors, but it is so long that I feel I should find a guitar, love beads and sing "Kumbaya". Not the look I am going for. I don't have time to cut it off....AHAH! I pull it up! Seriously. I pulled it up so it is like a dress, throw on a shirt that was a fab clearance find, belt it with a major fab belt from ATL.....and Voila! ( I love french words, they make everything sound so much better. I am secretly VERY jealous of my sister Carol who speaks french fluently). Don't laugh, but the sandals were on sale at Target! If you look closely the top of the skirt is peeking out of the top of my shirt which Joy said looks Tre Chic!

Would you like to see a Blooper picture that we took right before this one??
I have this "Hi, do I know you, do I have to explain what we are doing..kind of looks. Joy and I cracked up when we looked at the picture so here is the "blooper" picture also.

HaHaHa! Now go and have a fun and fabulous day!


  1. Love the "skirt"! I wouldn't have known it was that long if you hadn't told me.

    And yeah, the look on your face is, huh, what, yeah, who are you? LOL

  2. Thriftivity is a useful word - I hope Webster's picks this one up.