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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

What A Day!!

So, today started out as all days usually do. Hectic. Trying to get kids up, fed and ready for school. Trying to get the dog his meds, poor thing has seizures and takes ALOT of meds, and fed and get him outside to do his business. I finally get to work, get settled in and the phone rings. It's the school. My son is sick and must come home.<sigh> Bless his heart, he apparently has a touch of some sort of virus. I got him picked up and he's now situated at my mom's house and I'm back at work.  All this happened by 11:30 am. I'm exhausted. Anyone else have days like this? And I still have to finish work, pick up my daughter at volleyball practice, go home, cook supper, do laundry, make sure homework is done, blah, blah, blah. It never ends!! BUT, I did get an outfit together last night to wear to State Farm today. I got my hubby to take a pic of it when I brought my son home. And that's when the dog decided to dart toward the road!!!  Can I go back to bed yet?! Or at least get a margarita?!

Pointing out that the dog is leaving! Shirt is
from a consignment shop in Commerce, GA. Belt
is a gift from Lise!
Aww, look. He came back! My shoes are
Carlos Santana sandals that I got for
**$5** at Goodwill!!

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