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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

On the OTHER end of the

"Trumpet Player on corner" by Kaja
"Building" by Kaja

"Protest" by Kaja

Lise & Jurate by Kaja
Saturday Joy and Ben went to a pimp/ho party. I was on the other end of the spectrum. My daughter and I had a "Sound of Music" Day. We have been waiting for months to have this day together. We drove and picked up a good friend, Jurate Martin, and her daughter, Patrice and then off to Atlanta!

Everyone needs to see Atlanta! It should be a law. Kaja was mesmerized. She usually sees the city as we rush by or through it. Today we parked and walked and enjoyed. We had fun getting all dressed up! And when you are dressed so lovely, you need to eat at an equally divine restaurant. The Sound of Music was playing at the fabulous Fox Theatre, so we wanted one close for an 8 yr. old to walk to. Jurate is soooo Italian (New Jersey Italian) and suggested Baraondo, Fine Italian. The service was lovely, we were treated like royalty, and the food was to die for. Dessert? Why yes that also...aaahhhh....bellisimo! Molten chocolate caramel divine yummy thing with Swiss chocolate gelato! Heaven.

Then off to the Fox Theatre. This is a spectacular place to see anything at. It was the first time for Kaja and she was enthralled, enchanted and felt like such a princess! The show was done so well. The "Mother Abbess" had the voice of an angel!! Burke Moses played "Captain Georg von Trapp" in a way that was better (forgive me for saying this) than Christopher Plummer! I am serious! He did "Gaston" in Beauty and the Beast and was amazing in that as well. As "Captain von Trapp he gave such unbelievable energy and life to both his songs and spoken lines. When he sang "Edelweiss", I couldn't help but cry. At the end, when the Von Trapps escape and "Mother Abbess" and the nuns sing "Climb Ev'ry Mountain" reprise....well, Jurate and I just bawled on each others shoulders while our little girls looked at us like "huh?".

Our day was more than just a little magical. Kaja and I have been singing all the songs around the house together so the magic lives on...and on....

One of the best things about the day is that when I uploaded the pictures Kaja had taken of the day, I was pretty impressed with all the things she saw around her and the way she takes it in with the camera. We may have a budding photographer here. Enjoy!

Kaja & Patrice


  1. It sounds wonderful and the photos are outstanding. Good eye, Kaja! Now I just want to hear from Joy about her day :)


  2. Those are really good pictures!! Kaja did a good job