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Monday, August 30, 2010

So, I Went To A Party....

This is the year that most all my friends are turning 40. Some have celebrated quietly, some not at all and a few have made a pretty big deal out of it. One of my oldest friends turned 40 this weekend and he celebrated by having a Pimps and Hos party. Everyone dressed as pimps and hos. It was hysterical. There are very, very few photos of this event because no one wanted their picture on the internet. We had a great time. I saw a side of some folks that I will never forget and a side of a few that I would like to forget! It was interesting to see what "ho" means to different people! I ended up being downright conservative comparatively! The father of the birthday boy was the absolute hit of the party. He was seriously stylin'!!
This is my husband in all his pimp glory! We went for comfort and wanted to wear flip flops. I believe he is a Miami Beach pimp! The funny thing is, he had all this stuff in his closet. Actually, that might be more scary than funny!

And this is the birthday boy's daddy and me. See? I'm pretty conservative. The dress is a halter that ties around the neck.I bought it at Goodwill for $5!! I have on glittery flip flops and lots of "gold" jewelry that you can't see. But Big Daddy there is just too cool!

A good time was had by all, I think. I wish I could show you my friend dressed in nothing but a red bra, red g string and black body suit and stripper heels!! She absolutely has the body for it. She was the pimp. Her husband was the ho. He was interesting!! LOL Another friend was also the pimp and her hubby the ho. Her husband was dressed in a wig, mid drift baring top, snakeskin mini skirt, fishnets and cowboy boots. I actually want to erase his image from my mind!!

It's fun every once in a while to step out of comfort zones and do some fun dress up, isn't it? Next weekend is Dragon*Con and I will have LOTS of pictures from that!

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