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Monday, August 23, 2010

Welcome to our new blog!!

So, we're new to this whole blogging thing. But we have so much to say to each other everyday that we thought, Hey, maybe other people would like to get in on the conversation too!

And we talk about everything from shopping to politics to kids to...SHOPPING.   We don't always agree on everything. But one thing we definitely agree on is that WE LOVE TO SHOP. We love to shop for bargains. Lately, we've become thrift store and consignment store junkies. We also love any resell shop that gives back to the community in some way. But, we love Target and Ann Taylor Loft, too! We'd like to take you along with us on some of these trips and show you our finds and how we put them together. Lise is also really, really good with hair and makeup. She comes from a theatre background and is creative in a way that I will never be.  I know she has a ton of tips for y'all.

We both work for State Farm agent, Jimmy Boyett, in Colbert, GA. We try to live by State Farm's motto of Like a Good Neighbor. That's why we like shopping at PS Too in Athens, GA. The proceeds from the sales go to Project Safe, a non profit organization working to end domestic violence.

We'd like to hear from y'all, too. We want to see any fabulous finds that you come across, too.  Ask us questions and share with us!

And we ask that you be patient with us as we brave this new blogging world!!

Joy and Lise

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