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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Joy of Thrifting

I've never really been label conscience. Not to say that I don't like some designer brands, but it hasn't always mattered to me. I'm not a person who labels someone's worth by how much they paid for something or where they bought it, and I don't think my friends value my worth that way either. My worth comes from being a good friend by being a shoulder to cry on, picking up someone's child, laughing together at the movies, or just window shopping together.  It doesn't come from buying designer brands in a boutique at full price.

Thrifting is a fun way to spend time with your friends, hunting down that true bargain and finding that designer label for a fraction of the price. Why pay full price when you don't have to? AND when you shop in thrift stores, you aren't limited to a store's view of what's fashionable. You can use YOUR imagination to restyle it! You find unique things that you aren't going to find mass produced in the mall. And if you are shopping in places like PS Too or Goodwill or the St. Mary's Hospital thrift store, you are helping others while finding bargains for yourself.  These places also take donations. So take your gently worn items and gently used items and donate them!! Help these places out!! That's what being a "Good Neighbor" is all about!!

There are those that turn their noses up at those of us that thrift, saying we can't afford to shop any other way, or thinking that there is just something wrong with it.  Sure, part of thrifting IS saving money. Who doesn't like to save money?! It does take some patience.  But thrifting is just FUN! It's addicting! There's nothing like finding the perfect piece! I also wonder how some wonderful vintage pieces make it to some of these stores. What's the story behind that fabulous dress being here? What fabulous place was that vintage fur worn? Who wore these pearls? What was her life like? 

There's also a green side to thrifting. You are recycling instead of throwing away. You are helping keep things out of landfills!! Actually, I believe it's called upcycling, recycling something but adding value or valuing it differently than before.  

I've had several friends change their mind about thrift stores lately. They've seen the things that Lise and I have found and can't believe it! They want to find their own treasures. I love the emails and messages I get where someone is telling me about their latest find!  So get out there! Check out some thrift stores and then come tell us about YOUR  treasures!!


  1. Oh my gosh! That is one of the coolest things I have ever read!!! And you are so right. And to think of of some of the places my peices have been...woow!!!

  2. This is such a great example for kids too. It shows them how to be "thrifty" when they shop, plus it also encourages them to donate clothes, toys, etc., that they've outgrown. You can make it a family thing and have maybe 1 day every season, everyone goes through their clothes and the family makes a trip to the local thrift store/salvation army to donate them.

    Recently took my 13 yr old to the salvation army and she was STOKED at how many shirts she got for $15.

  3. We've been donating clothes and toys and stuff for years. They really get into it!!