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Friday, September 10, 2010

The Sounds of my Life

(This is me having a "leg up" on the competition.)

I have 2 amazing step-sons and then had 4 more. At any given day you will find anywhere from 1-22* extra kids at our house. All boys, except our youngest who is a daughter. I have tried to make our house the one that all the friends want to come to. This way, I would always know where my kids are and who they are with. This is all good for me........HOWEVER,

Recently a friend drops by to say hi. After about 20 minutes she announces (laughing) that she is going to need medication to stay at my house. She asks how I can stand the noise, and I honestly ask "What noise?"

Then I stop and look around and try to see my life through her eyes. There are my 4 and 7 extra. (11 kids at the house? hmmm not bad). They are racing up and down and through 3 floors of the house with various Nerf items, laughing, squealing, doors opening and shutting in the kitchen, and to the outdoors. Sounds of music are floating up from the piano and the drums. Someone in the background is suggesting riding bikes and a herd of children is following them.

With the kids outside, we take our chat outdoors as well. The herd is out there on the bikes, scooters, skateboards, and a pogo stick. My oldest is jumping 4 skateboards he has stacked on each other and does it with a twist and flip of the board he is riding. Bubbles are floating around us in various sizes and to my right a "gaggle" of girls are shrieking with delight over their sidewalk chalk masterpiece. I am pretty sure we are about to be hit with water balloons.

What is all this noise? They are the sounds of my life.

And sometimes I get to work and turn to Joy and say "It is waaaaaay to quiet in here"!

So, here is my question to all of you..... What are the sounds of your life?

Joy caught me with my "It's too quiet in here look". Here let me come into your office and sit by your tree and bug you. LOL! And I am growing my hair out and apparently it thinks that it is 1982 because this is the same stupid thing it did way back then.
*yes, 22


  1. Was I the friend that needed the ibuprofen at your house? Cause,'s too much for this only child!!

    The sounds of my life? Hmmm...a giggly tween girl child texting constantly and a rambunctions tween boy child glued to the XBox and talking on the phone to one of YOUR children!! LOL

    And the constant ringing of the phone at work!!

  2. i love your noise--all of it!