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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

What We Wore At DragonCon

So, the thing about DragonCon is, everything goes. There is no wrong or right thing to wear there. I saw a girl dressed as Princess Leia and it was made of duct tape! I saw girls in nothing but pasties-really small pasties-and a tutu. And there are tons and tons of costumes of every kind. You are only limited by your imagination.

I think the number 1 rule of attending, though, is wear comfortable shoes. Next year, I'm wearing a pedometer so I know exactly how many miles I walked. My husband says he doesn't even want to know how far we walked. His feet are STILL hurting. Take some sort of bag. I had a messenger bag that I could easily get into to get my phone or camera. It's a good idea to take along some snacks and bottles of water because snacks and drinks are EXPENSIVE in the host hotels. And it is very important to stay hydrated while doing all that walking, standing and waiting.

This is Ben on the first day.  He dressed as Jayne from Firefly. He looks great! He got stopped a bunch of times by people wanting to take his picture, and he even had the Jayne song sung to him once! He's wearing boots, though, and by the end of the day, he could barely walk. Ben had most of this in his closet! The pants are a Goodwill $4 find, the hat came from Ebay and included the a copy of the note that Jayne's mother sent with the hat. Very nice touch, I thought. The t shirt is just a $5 shirt from Old Navy. I think he already had the gloves and he bought the gun belt. You don't have to spend alot of money to come up with a costume and you don't have to be elaborate.

On Saturday, we dressed as Lois Lane and Clark Kent. Again, Ben got some attention. I've learned that Lois is nothing without Clark!! But, apparently my fake press pass was pretty good because I got stopped 3 times and asked what it was like to cover DC as press. Umm...Daily.Planet. I liked watching them finally get it!! LOL  The suit I have on is one that's been in my closet for 3 years and I've never worn it. I paid $15 for it on clearance at Macy's! The tank top and shoes, I already had. Ben already owned everything he has on, except for the glasses. We bought the "Clark Kent" glasses at Claire's for $7.

We always came back to the room at night and rested and took a bath, to get that Con funk off of us, and changed to go back out and people watch. Here's what I wore two different nights. You can see I'm in flip flops both nights, but they are sequin flip flops and I was comfortable!! The night I wore the outfit on the left, someone asked me if I was dressed as Bea Arthur. BEA ARTHUR?!! What.the.heck?!! They assured me it was a compliment. Um, yeah. Not so much. The shirt is a new, with tags, Caribbean Joe that I got for $4 at Goodwill. The pants came from PS Too and were like $7, they are are New York and Company. The belt was $5 on Ebay!! The other outfit is a silver sequin shirt from Ann Taylor that I got on clearance for $8 and the scarf is Ann Taylor clearance, too for $7. The pants are, again, clearance, but from Land's End and were $12.

I got to meet Colin Ferguson from Eureka and I was dressed pretty comfortably when I met him. I was wearing a black t shirt, palm tree pants and flip flops, of course. He was super nice!! You can see my whole outfit in the picture of me and the Weeping Angel.

Weeping Angel from Doctor Who. SCARY and CREEPY!!
When Ben wasn't dressed as Jayne or Clark Kent, he was in comic book t shirts and jeans. He was very comfortable!!  We gave blood while there. We got a free DC t shirt, drinks and snacks!! Woohoo!!Here he is in his Thundercats t shirt. Ben also gave platelets!! 

Ben with Chewbacca!! He looks 12, doesn't he?!

We had a fantastic time. And even though we are still tired and worn out, we are ready to do it all again next year. And God help us, next year, we are taking the kids!!! We've already got our room booked!!


  1. this looks fun and oozing with creative energy! davy got to meet peter mayhew (the other chewbacca) in orlando recently. i will show him these photos later! great comfortable costumes.

  2. This looks like so much fun! Did you know that my husband owns a comic book store?

    I love your blog and very happy to know I inspired you to start it. Thank so much for dropping me an email to let me know!