The only thing that separates us from the animals is our ability to accessorize.-Steel Magnolias

Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Maxi Dress (It comes full circle)

Everyone needs a maxi dress** in their closet. Yes, it's a rule, or law or something. This one had "LISE" written all over it! I bought it to go on a cruise with some friends. Unfortunately, they had to sail without me....sigh. My father-in-law passed away recently, and it was just not the right thing to do. B U T, I was dying to wear it, (its flowy, and the colors are perfect). However, this wasn't ready to go to work either. No problem...I will MAKE it work. I threw on a cute shirt underneath to prevent any wardrobe malfunction. Next came the perfect necklace from Coldwater Creek and sandals from BR. Voila! I am work ready!

What is that you are saying? Where is the thrift in this?

Glad you asked. The dress was in the window at PS Too (the thrift store that benefits Project Safe). It was brand new with the tags on and I paid $9! But I feel like a million!

Yes, at some places they take a smoking break. I don't smoke, but I feel smokin' hot rockin' this look! I am enjoying this Reeces cup though.
What? It looks like more than 1 cup? F I N're right. It is the King Size pack and I am eating ALL 4!!!!!

** What is a maxi dress? Years ago we called it a sundress and it usually had a ruffle along the bottom. It can be found with or without straps. It is a longer length and can be worn casual or dressy, and you can toss it over a swimsuit or.........

So, How what did I mean by it has come "full circle"? Feast your eyes on this picture of me from around 1981. Now do you see what I mean????

My sister, Charlotte, had a matching dress. (I really need to find that picture, heehee)
I sure am smiling big for someone wearing such a scary outfit!!! Joy said I look Amish! LOL


  1. You are looking at me like, how dare you interrupt my Reece's break!!

    And yeah, the shawl is scaring me... and the guy kinda is too.

  2. I know! He looks like Grizzly Adams.

  3. Lise, you're smiling because you're thinking how gorgeous you were (and still are!!)