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Monday, September 13, 2010

We're Off Too See The "Thriftzard", the wonderful...

OK, so my ability to transform words from "thrift" may be a bit off. BUT, my ability for finding bargains is right on!

This weekend I was husband less and was packed tight with activities for the kids. But, Joy dropped by, and we were able to conquer 2 birds with one stone by bribing 2 teenage boys to sit tight after one of their activities (which was right close by to PS Too). They waited and we stormed this thrift store as fast as we could. We only had minutes as PS Too was close to closing time and we had limited time before getting lots of kids lots of places that evening.

This outfit proves that you can be short on both time and $$ and come out looking fabulous!
The silver chain sandals I already had from Banana Republic. But (drum roll please....)

Jeans-GUCCI (New with tags)
Cost: $15 Score!
Silver sequined gray top $7
Aqua shrug (wet seal-new) $5
Total: --------
$27 (remember the jeans were Gucci and still had tags)

I was feeling so sassy today that I stopped by "Zaxbys" and got the Birthday Cake milkshake.
Heaven in a cup I tell you!

Bonus Question: Guess where this picture was taken? I know it looks like Arizona. sigh
But this is actually 12 steps outside our State Farm office here in quaint Madison County, GA!

Anyone in the Athens area please go and check out PS Too. This thrift store benefits Project Safe (70% of the proceeds goes to Project Safe) which helps women and children in abusive situations rebuild and better their lives!


  1. I am still so jealous of those jeans!! What a steal! And I love anything shiny, so I'm jealous about the top, too! My finds are all for cool weather, so it'll be awhile before I wear mine!

  2. First, I had to get past the "husband less" comment because that's always a good thing (even with fantastic husbands). But SCORE on the jeans! Although I can't wear silver that top is fabulous!

    Do you all have any tips for being "speed thrifty"?

  3. Speed thrifty? Oh, honey, we were in and out of that store Saturday in 40 minutes and that included trying on stuff! We just make a quick look at each rack to see if anything catches our eye.

    Goodwill is so big, though, you almost have to be looking for something in particular. It's arranged by color and not size. There's really no way to be speedy in there! LOL

  4. Ummm...they have dressing rooms? I never even thought about it!

    Ours is arranged by color but not size which is not a good thing. That would make it so much easier if it was. That's probably why it takes me so long.

  5. That's how our Goodwill is, but smaller resale shops are usually arranged by size.

    And yep, Goodwill has dressing rooms, too!