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Monday, February 7, 2011

Come To the Dark Side....of Haircolor.

Winter has lingered here and the sun has been nowhere to be seen for a long time.
This has caused my skin to become rather pale which in turn makes me feel a bit blah when I look in the mirror.  It was time for a subtle change (actually I wanted a huge change, but spouse was like ""
We used the same base color and then added 6 foils with a shade 4 shades darker.
Using the foils is a great way to add shading and depth.  It is also easy to grow out since it is not an
allover color which leaves a very definite line of demarcation.
I loved it and it does add a depth and color around my face so I don't look so pale.
I could break down and buy a pass to the tanning bed but I have a real thing against tanning beds.
Nothing personal except for the whole gives you wrinkles and cancer stuff. lol

Since Joy left the office, I have been coming in to fill in here and there. It is not the same without her.
And The Ida misses me.  I have got to tell you some great stories that she shared sometime because she is a pretty amazing woman.  She used to have to pick 200 lbs. of cotton a day!  Ida rocks!

Today I chose a great green (the color of spring) pinstripe shirt and cardi,  then threw on a cranberry scarf for my punch of color and amber jewelry for sunshine.  My photographer today is, Kaja Marie, age 9.
I told her to do whatever she wanted today with the camera.  I love it!  She has an eye for detail and
I think she caught a lot of that! 

Amber, coral and jade necklace from Helen, Ga.

Amber earrings-made by friend to match the necklace
I have a think for amber since it is so Scandinavian like me.
Dior lipgloss

Low-lighting.  Love 2 tone coloring!

With winter still underway and the sun being a "no-show" I have a couple things that have been wonderful at this time of year!  Hope they help you also.  To get them I usually go to Sephora or!  I love me some Sephora! (I added the links for these products also).

1. benefit Erase Paste  Without sunkissed color to my face, my dark circles have taken on a new life of their own!  If they got any bigger I'm was afraid I could count them off as dependants!  Then I found this great concealer!  wow!  It is hands down the best!  Apply underneath the eye...but do not forget the "bat cave!!!  This is what I call the area by the inner corner of the eye.  A dot here will bring this out and make your eyes look instantly brighter.
2.  Dior Addict Ultra Gloss in the new color Pink Veil (watermelon pink) #654
This is the most fabulous color in the world!  I tried it on at Sephora and was a bit nervous by just looking at the color.  I put it on and Joy even agreed it was amazing!  It added a great glow and it such a great gloss!
Heaven in a tube ladies!
3.  Hello Kitty perfume- Hey don't laugh!  Have you ever smelled something and thought it smelled like spring?  Or reminded you of something wonderful?  When I was checking out at Sephora I got a whiff and was like "Hey, this is springy and fun!".  So that's what I am wearing today!
4. Too-Faced Glamour Gloss in Plush (its volumizing and this color is well suited for everyone)
I know, I already put up a lip gloss, but this is sunshine in a tube.  And you can wear it alone or over a darker color.  So there.  Besides, Lipgloss is my favorite thing!

What products do you love?
The photographer and model child
Kaja Marie


  1. Love, love, love what that cranberry scarf does for the outfit! It's perfect! And your hair looks incredible!!!

  2. What Melissa said! Plus, I love the pop of color with the bag. And the photographer?!? A diva in training!

  3. Oh my! I do love that lip gloss! One of my favorite things is C.O. Bigelow lip glosses from Bath and Body Works. They have a built in breath freshener and are just FABULOUS! You look beautiful! ~Serene

  4. Melissa: Thanks!

    Missy:Oh, I forgot all about the yellow bag. lol
    Yes, I thought it would go with the amber jewelry. Thanks

  5. Serene: Thank you. And thanks for the tip. I use a lot of things from B&B works so I can't wait to try out the lip gloss!

  6. look amazing! When I darkened my hair seven years was the best decision for me. I looked in the mirror and said THAT'S ME! The bleached blonde for most of my life just did not feel like me. i can even tell in the sofa pix that your eyes are poppin'. I love the outfit and the jewelry and I HAVE BEEN LOOKING FOR A LIP COLOR like this...can't wait to shop for it! Hang on to your matter what...and don't let go!!

  7. Pam, I am glad to help, but I have to agree with you on the Joy thing! We hang on to each other!!

  8. Your hair looks fantastic! I'm also in love with your makeup today. Just beautiful, lady.

  9. love the new hair color!
    you do look like a breath of fresh spring air
    i cannot live without erase paste
    the only other thing that even comes close is bobbie brown concealer and why pay so much more for so much less!

  10. I like it! It looks good!!

    And Kaja looks awesome, as well!!

  11. I love your accessories-- the scarf and the necklace! :) Your hair looks great, too! Is work boring now that your bestie is gone?

  12. Your photographer is looking stylish herself. I really like the amber jewelry. And, please, I want to hear Ida's stories.

  13. I love you so much! You are truly my most fabulous fashion friend! (Also have I ever told you, that you were the catalyst for my fashion awakening?) I will have to tell youthe story someday!

  14. Love, love, love the new haircolor, you look great! I really like it when women choose to go a little darker - except when they choose to go lighter, like you, Joy!
    I was so glad you posted the lipcolor information, I noticed it in the picture right away and thought I'd have to ask about it. I am always looking for lipcolor in that pink range. My favorite color is MAC Viva Glam V.
    I like the green/cranberry/yellow/amber combination. I think yellow & maroon are a pretty color combination.

  15. JoAnn: Thanks! I changed my makeup and glad someone noticed!

    Brett:You already use erase paste? no wonder you always look fabulous!

  16. Viktoria:Thank you and yes...without Bestie it is no good at all. :( There is no joy at work.

    Terri: We both love amber jewelry? Very cool! And my daughter thanks you for the compliment. I have had requests for more Ida stories...I think I need to sit and tell you all some more. She is wonderful!

  17. Leah, I would love to hear the story and since you inspire me in so many ways, I would love to hear how I "infected" you. LOL

    Joyce: I am going to check out that MAC! Viva glam V? right. Thanks! YOu are wonderful.

  18. Yes, and I also use MAC Viva Glam Cyndi, which is a red. I have glosses to go over both and will have to dig them out and let you know what they are - both are MAC, but not sure of names.

  19. I'm really enjoying browsing through your blog, Lisa Marie. And your hair is gorgeous.

    Thanks so much for commenting on my blog. It was lovely.


  20. I really love your new hair- it looks so good on you. I feel your pain with the dark circles. I have always had them, and in the winter they like to take over my face!! I'm glad things are going well with your MIL. I know its a hard job but you are so great for doing it!!

  21. you look beautiful! Thanks for those tips. I want to smell the Hello Kitty perfume now! I am addicted to CO Bigelow Mentha in copper shimmer - I got it 75% off so I bought all they had because they were discontinuing!

  22. Am I the only one who has not tried CO Bigelow???
    Off to shop! lol