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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Did You Go Red?

This post is a little late. But I DID go red yesterday and in fact, today, too!! And if you missed it yesterday, it's ok. You can do it every Friday this month!!

 Red Sweater: Chaps, Kohl's
Striped Red Shirt: Gap
Plaid Scarf: ?
Jeans: Gap

I've had a somewhat crazy day. I felt like I was just rushing, rushing, rushing thru half of it. Ben hit a pothole, no, a CRATER, on the way home last night and blew out a tire. So this morning, with the help of Lise's husband, Grant, I had to find him a replacement tire. Ben had to work today and needs the car to go to Atlanta next week.  And apparently tire stores close at 12 or 1 on Saturday. How stupid is that?!!  Grant finds me a tire and I have to be there before 1. What time did I leave my house to drive 25 miles to this tire store? 12:15.  Am I the only female that didn't know I needed to take the damaged tire with me? Luckily Ben caught me, on the phone, only 7 miles up the road so I was able to turn around and go back to get it. UGH!! So, I'm hauling to the tire place. I get there at 12:50! And $180 later, Ben has a new tire.
 Red tee: Kohl's
Striped Tee: Kohl's
Red Sweater:Target
Jeggings: Target
Boots: Kohl's
Flower pin: Gift from Leah Hollett.

Leah and I decide we need a good lunch after all this. And I have barely eaten all week because of nerves over the new job. So we go to a favorite place of our's. We had to wait 15 minutes, which is no big deal. But we had to wait another 15 for a waitress to take our order and another 30 for the food. We ended up being there for an hour and a half! That kind of time is unheard of at this place. The waitress heard me bitching about it and told the manager and he comped the whole check! Apparently they were having kitchen issues.

We  had to leave there to go to the pharmacy to pick up Jake's meds, that he was totally out of. I had it in my head that they closed at 3, so again, we were racing to get there. Yeah. They closed at 5. Thank God!

We headed to Lise's house to get Blake. That's when they day slowed way down. We spent the next 2 hours sitting-laying-on Lise's couch talking and playing a game with Kaja. Ahhhh.....finally some relaxing!!

I think tomorrow I will just do NOTHING!


  1. Well, you looked great through it all!

    Don't you hate those new job nerves? Although, maybe not so bad as a weight-loss strategy.... hmmmm.....

  2. Oh, and I went to order those boots from Target for my birthday and the only sizes they have left are 5 and 11... will have to wait for another year. Bummer.

  3. Joy! Red is definitely your color! You look fabulous! ~Serene

  4. You know what, Joyce? Those boots are actually Kohl's! I need to change that!

  5. Kallista with the elastic back?

  6. Honestly, I don't know. I can't find them on the site, but they do have the elastic back.

  7. I love the pin! I remember your post on it before but it really makes the outfit. Great red sweater! I know what you mean about frustrations of days like this...but it so helps to look good while going through it!!

  8. Hope you got some rest today!

    You look awesome in all of your red. It's such a great color on you!

  9. Whew! Sounds like a busy couple of days. Sorry to hear about the crater/tire trouble. How frustrating.
    If it's any consolation, you look a-maze-balls in these pants! So hot! (And, yes! I did Go Red!)

  10. Have I told you that you look amazing in red? Well, it bears repeating.

    Unlike your stressful day. Enjoy your day of lounging.

    I did wear red on Friday and you'll see it in an outfit post this Tuesday!

  11. Admiring the flower pin on the sweater...You deserve the break. The race for the tire would make a good film short.

  12. You know I love the red, even if it does remind me of your Dawgs ;)

  13. you look so good in red joy!!
    wow, what a day you had, glad you could end it with a little relaxation and good company