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Monday, February 14, 2011



Lise and I took 5 of our kids shopping Saturday. WHAT were we thinking?!! It seemed like a good idea at the time. It really did.  I don't know what was wrong with our kids Saturday but they were all less than angels! They were fighting and ya yaing and even hitting each other. UGH! And let me tell you, when we all go in somewhere, we take over. Just ask the guys at Gamestop...BOTH Gamestops!  We were going to take pictures of us together. Somehow that didn't happen. I do have pics of me, though, in RED!  I was dressed for Valentine's on Saturday, too. 

 Cardigan: Walmart
Red Polka dot shirt: Ebay
Red loafers: So old, I have no idea.

But today I decided to be different. I decided NOT to wear red. I wear it so much anyway. Today, I wore hot pink, instead!  I even have Valentine socks!
 Pink tee: Charlotte Russe
Hot pink sweater: Kohl's
Navy pants: Liz Claiborne
Shoes: JC Penney
Ignore how my shoes need to be polished!

Did you or do you have any big Valentine plans? We did nothing! LOL We exchanged cards and that's it. We don't usually celebrate Valentine's. The biggest fight we EVER had, and I don't even remember what it was about, nor do I want to, was the Valentine's Day the year we married. (We married in March.) We had a screaming match standing over the kitchen counter in our newly built house! We almost called the wedding off, it was that bad.  Obviously, we made up and the fight blew over and we married a month later. But since then, we just kind of ignore Valentine's. Do you blame us?

I hope you've all had a good and wonderful and loving day!


  1. You look lovely in pink AND red! When we were married, we didn't do much about Valentine's either. A lot of people don't do much. And that's okay. :)

  2. Joy I always thought you rocked red, but I am thinking Hot Pink is quite fabulous as well!!!

  3. Ha, Isn't it funny what can cause such a big blowout, but you can't even remember it.
    You look great it pink!
    Love the polka dot shirt too.

  4. Joy - Totally love that sweater. You look great in pink, you should wear it more often. And that ring is cool - where did you get it?
    Lise - I am 375 days older than you :)

  5. That ring came from this cheap jewelry kiosk at the mall. Their jewelry is like 4 for $10! LOL

  6. You look fabulous is pink and red! We just do the card thing for Valentine's Day, too. Love is 365 a year not just reserved for one day. Thanks for popping by, I'm following. xxx

  7. I love the red blouse - it's so beautiful!

    Also loving the V day socks ;)

  8. I love your polka dotted blouse!

    Miles and I celebrated on Saturday with our Coca-Cola trip, but other than that we didn't think about the holiday. In fact, yesterday evening Miles watched a guy movie while I blogged. It was like any other work-week night.

  9. hey lise

    charlotte has great shopping but no
    charlie's :(

  10. Pink AND red! And I love the socks.

  11. Thanks for all the nice comments, guys!!

    It makes my day to come home to them!!

  12. LOVE LOVE the red blouse....I need one...STAT:)

    You look great in both outfits:)

    Stop by and say Hello:)
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