The only thing that separates us from the animals is our ability to accessorize.-Steel Magnolias

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Papa Don't Peach

I love Sunday!  Church, family, good food, relaxation and sunshine today!
What a great combination.
Joy wears red and rocks it.  I don't even own anything red...but that is another story.
I wear strange colors.  Melons, amber's, turquoise all those colors that didn't come in your first box of Crayola Crayons! LOL  But they are the colors that make me happy.
This is one of my favorite outfits because everything is thrifted!  Including the JCrew skirt
(which I snagged for $5).  This also makes me very happy.
One thing about peach is that you can pull in other warm colors with it.  The skirt has a variety of similar colors and with the shirt, cardi and necklace I pulled them all out and they harmonize well.
Instead of the usual brown belt, I went with a dark reddish brick color and turquoise tights.
The tights were the hit of it all!
With the makeup I did do a peach palette but brushed over with a pink color so I didn't look dull and had some liveliness to the face.

My photographer today was my 10 year old son and I think he did a smashing good job!
I still have to figure out what to wear tomorrow for Valentines since I do not own red, or wear red or...
and I need to come up with something good for next Sunday.....because it just might be my birthday.
ps.  is it me or do I look like I am marching in the last two pictures? LOL


  1. This outfit is awesome! LOVE the tights!!! And you wear all those melon, peach colors so well.

    I can't wear those colors; they bring out the olive too much in my skin.

    Ummm...where you been hiding those boots?!

  2. I loved it when you said that you don't wear the first round of Crayons!! Great way to describe your colors. I love Melon and this looks amazing on you....I also love Sundays!!

  3. Come to think of it, I don't think I own any red either! I think it reminds me too much of Target employees...

  4. Those are beautiful colors. Why red when you look so great in peach?

  5. You could wear pink or burgundy tomorrow... I believe I will be sporting a lovely shade of raspberry... I do love that melon shade on you, looks great with the necklace.
    Are you 10 days younger than me or years and 10 days?

  6. Your son did a great job with the photos. Where did you find those lovely tights. I'm especially admiring the long peach cardigan.

  7. I can see why you wear the melons...they completely suit you! You have such a long lithe style! I love it! ~Serene

  8. Joy: These boots have been hiding in my closet and you can borrow them any time!:

    Pam: I am glad you liked the crayon comment. You have to buy the 64 to get any of the colors I wear. lol But as we get older I think we realized what colors suit us and make us feel comfy!

    Hokie: LOL!!! You are right.

  9. Judy: Thank you!!! Joy looks so wonderful in red and I love some of her things, but when I try it doesn't work. You are right, and I will just rock the peach. :)

    Joyce: I am pretty sure I am older. I turn 47 on the 20th! So, how close in age are we?

    Terri: The tights are from Target! I love Target and they were lacy and a great color. The cardi was thrifted and the tag was cut out.

  10. Serene: Thank you! I do look like a stick figure :( I always wanted a curvy body but I got toothpicks LOL! YOu always look so wonderful!

  11. You do look like you're marching, but it's an awfully cute march. :)

    I am LOVING this peach and teal combination! So unexpected and SO fun!!!

  12. Hi there! I love peach color on you. Last summer I had a love affair with that color and come spring I think I will be wearing lots of it too. Also, I picked peach color (a little darker shade) for my kitchen walls.
    Thanks for your sweet comment! On etsy I only sell childrens' shirts that I hand-paint. Please think of me when you need a baby shower gift or a special bday gift for a little one.
    I don't sell jewelry because i'm still such a dilettante! I really need to take jewelry making class. Maybe sometime this year. Thanks for your kind words, though.

  13. Peach is a beautiful color. I love this outfit!

  14. Hello Missy
    Wear Pink!!!!!!!!
    Your colors are from the box of crayons the artistic kid in the corner had
    You know the one with the pencil sharpener in the back.....
    Hope you had a great V'day

  15. That makeup is peachy keen! I love it!
    And that thrifted skirt? gorgeous. You look wonderful, soft and pretty in this color.

  16. Love this outfit!! Totally emphasis how statuesque you are! Or how you're about to invade my village...but only in those last 2 pics:)