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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Tomorrow is a BIG Day!!

Before school silliness
 I am having LASIX done tomorrow and I couldn't be more excited!! I am sick of contacts, sick of my glasses. I'm just all bouncy about it!! LOL

I'm going to ask <beg> the doctor to take of pic of me on the table, for the blog. We'll see what happens!!

 Cardi: Target
Striped shirt: Target
Gray cords: JC Penney
Boots: Old!

I had a lot going on yesterday and was supposed to be doing some business outside the office. I did make a few contacts but then I had to change all my plans. I had dressed for comfort and being in and out of the car, though, so it was all good.

 I had to take Leah to the doctor. She was feeling puny and coughing. She actually called me from school to come get her and take her to the doctor! This is UNHEARD of from Leah. Leah hasn't even been to the doctor at all in 2 years. And she never calls from school, so I knew she felt rough. She's ok, though. She tested negative for strep and flu. She had to take a breathing treatment, though, and came home with an inhaler.
After we left the doctor, we went to Kohl's. I wanted to look for something to wear for the office pictures we had today. I'm convinced that when you enter Kohl's <and Target> that you enter a time vortex.  You can say you are only going to run in for a minute and the next thing you know, you've been there for an hour!!! I did find a cute cardigan, though!  Here's me this morning:
 Floral cardi: Kohl's
Red tee:Target
Black pencil skirt: Target
Black tights: Target
Shoes: Peace Place Thrift $2!!!!

I'm hoping that next week, I'll be able to share the pictures we took at the office. I have a really fun one on a motorcycle!!

Ok. Wish me luck tomorrow!! Prayers are appreciated!!


  1. Good luck and let me know how it goes. I'm a baby--my mom had it done and absolutely loves it! I don't mind my contacts tho--hate my glasses.
    But onto more important things: You look ravashing today! Love that cute new cardigan and vortex is right! Happens to me in a couple of toher places too! Paula

  2. Praying....

    Should have your Avon order tomorrow or Friday. I'll be at the Ultimate Spa Party on Saturday - the Total You Women's Expo at the Classic Center.

    Be sure to come on down and be pampered!
    Check it out - you'll be able to SEE everything!

  3. Oh my goodness, I'm so excited for you!!! Yay!!! Everything will be fine and I can't wait to hear about how great you feel once it's over.

    Both of these outfits are fantastic on you. That berry color is so very pretty and I am in love with that cardigan and the pencil skirt! You look amazing!

  4. Aww poor Leah. You look great in fuschia. Good luck with the procedure!

  5. Yay for having Lasix done. My mom had it done a few years ago and says it is the best thing she ever did! Sorry to hear your Leah is sick. Hope she feels better very soon. This changing weather is rough on everyone. Love both your outfits but really love that cardigan from Kohls. Great find :)

  6. Good luck! I've had a few friends that have gotten Lasix and they have no regrets. I hope everything goes well!

  7. I had Lasik done about 6 years ago and it was one of the best things I ever did! Good luck, and say hello to clear vision!

  8. Thinking about you this morning... Good luck today!! :)

  9. You are so right about both of those stores...I can never just run in! you look great and I hope all goes well tomorrow!!

  10. Good luck with the Lasix! What struck me about your pics today is I LOVE YOUR HAIR!!! The gray is just striking...I hope mine will turn this way. I'm forgoing coloring and just letting the grays have their way with me. I hope mine are as good to me as yours are to you! ~Serene

  11. Woohoo!! That's so excited!! I'm sure all will go smoothly!

  12. Praying for a easy time with the lasix..looking forward to seeing all your pix..

  13. Hope the surgery goes well
    I have only been wearing glasses for about 2 years and I hate them. Mostly because I can't read anything without them and I don't want to wear them all the time
    getting = sucks

    Can't believe you are going to ask for a picture tomorrow. You have some cahonies my friend! :)

  14. I love that cardigan so much I have it myself ;)

  15. Hope the surgery went well, but I'm not sure I want to see the surgery photos! Like the new sweater you found.

  16. I'M SO EXCITED FOR YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I've had Lasik done about three years ago and wondered why I did not do it earlier. I am very happy with mine.
    Hugs, kisses and well wishes your way!