The only thing that separates us from the animals is our ability to accessorize.-Steel Magnolias

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Is it STILL Winter?

I am so over winter! How about the rest of y'all? As I type this, freezing rain is falling. The high for friday is supposed to be like 34. I seriously need some of this:

Can't you just feel the sun and ocean breeze? Ahhhh.....I can taste the margaritas now!!


I feel like I'm playing catch up with you guys. I'm sooo far behind in reading all y'all's blogs!! I'll be busy reading this weekend!

So what have I been wearing this week while filling my brain with tons of new information?  Well, Wednesday I wore purple and green! No. I didn't look like a bruise! I thought it worked pretty well!
Purple turtleneck: Kohl's
Green Chadwick's jacket: Yard sale
Khaki pants: Liz Claiborne
Scarf: Payless
Boots: Target
Today I wanted to wear a skirt and tights but it is just too cold! I don't know how some of you wear skirts and tights in the snow or BARE LEGS like Kinsey !!  I settled for navy and cords! My turtleneck was a little short, and I wanted it to show under the bottom of the sweater, so I put a shiny, navy tank top on top of it!

 Navy Turtleneck: Walmart
Navy Tank:Charlotte Russe
Blue Sweater: Ralph Lauren, PS Too
Khaki Cords: JCPenny, St John's Bay
Boots: Target

Can you see my necklace? It's just clear crystals but it's so cool because it picks up whatever color it's closest too. This needed something more to make it interesting and I think the necklace did that. I like the textures of the crystals and the toggles.

Don't forget to wear RED tomorrow!! I can't wait to see everyone in my favorite color!!



  1. Really pretty color on the jacket! Too bad the weather you're getting isn't so great; let's hope the groundhog thing isn't just superstition! :D

  2. I love the green & purple, too. That crystal necklace looks really pretty.
    How is the new job going?

  3. Thank you, Rachel. And the best part, I got it for $3!

    Joyce, it's going great! Just alot to learn and take in.

  4. It is still winter. Bummer.
    I do love both of those outfits though! Very chic!

  5. You look great!!! I love purple and green together. Now, about the red today...I own NOTHING red...I am seriously going to have to pull out my tree skirt from christmas or something! lol

  6. Thanks for catching us up on the happenings!
    Hope the job is going well.
    LOL @ looking like a bruise.
    Love a crystal necklace anytime
    We have had yucky freezing rain/regular rain since last night and the temps have plummeted.
    I want my 60+ weather from last weekend back!

  7. I love purple and green together! Not bruise like at all. :)

    I think that teal sweater is my favorite thing that you wear - it's so pretty!