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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Everybody Everywear-The Classic Blazer

Every month, Everybody, Everywear chooses a piece of clothing and encourages all us fashion bloggers to style it our own way. I've missed the last couple, but wanted to do it this month.

Today's piece is the classic blazer. I actually have 2 pics of how I did it. One is what I'm wearing today and one is from January.

This picture is from January, when I did an Elvis week.
I paired my leather blazer with heels and velvet pants and added
a sequin scarf to it.

This is from today. And after seeing the pictures,
I realized that I was very devoid of color. I 
should have added a colorful scarf instead of the
leopard.I've got my sequins on, but you can't see them!
I love this black wool blazer. I got it
at Goodwill for $5!

I'm off to go see how everyone else did it. Go over to the site and look at everyone else's pictures!


  1. Joy, I like that second outfit. I think the different tones of gray are pretty. It looks so wonderful with your hair, which I think is so pretty. A lot of women would look washed out in those shades, but you don't.

  2. I like a classic look and you did it well! I posted a black & white photo just to be different...but the color is back on the post! You do a nice job and these looks are great...don't worry about the is about picturing your style!!

  3. Are you liking the new job? You are certainly looking fabulous for it. And I agree. Color.

  4. Thanks, y'all for the comments, especially about my hair! LOL

    Judy, I am really enjoying my job! It's different but it's fun!!

  5. Hey Bestie, I think you should get your butt back here or I am going to have to work there!!!
    Arghhhhh. But, I do love you hair and have an idea for the next cut we do.

    I also agree with Joyce, the look in the second picture is classic and with you hair its quite smashing!

  6. Both blazers are awesome. I love the masculine look of the leather one. I would pair it with a white T-shirt, some jeans and the best James Dean hair do I could must, with a killer pair of heels.

    I, like you love the black and white, and lately, what is it? All of a sudden a big craving for color? Something in the air? Like a double rainbow.

  7. I think your blazers look great!!! I forgot to include one in my 30/30, so I didn't get to particiapte in this month's link up :( Maybe next month I can participate!! I hope you are loving your new job!!!

  8. Great trousers! They look long lean and love the pinstripes!

  9. Joy--I'm liking the many patterns in today's styling of the blazer. Mine's from a thrift too.

  10. you are looking quite fetching in your double blazer post

  11. Very chic Joy! I love the scarf in the second pic - no color needed!

  12. looks great with the scarf and your hair! How's the job? I've been working more this week and I'm behind on my blog reading!