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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Are You A Planner?

I feel like I look pretty blah today. I like the lines of this outfit but not really the colors. I don't think I'm a neutral color palette kind of gal. I need more vivid colors than this. But I've been seeing everyone put tan and brown and gray together and thought, Hey, why not?!  Umm...because I look washed out and tired in it? I bought this shirt for $6 at PS Too. I bought it for the polka dots. I like it, kinda. I just feel like this outfit NEEDS something. What does it need, people? What would make it better?

So, are you a planner? Do you have your outfits scoped out weeks ahead of time, the night before or 5 minutes before you walk out the door? Do you plan the outfit right down to the accessories?

During the week, I am most definitely a planner. I have to try an outfit on to make sure it works (fits) before I commit to wearing it. My daughter gets very upset when I decide to change clothes 2 or 3 times before we leave for school. I don't understand her need to be there 15 minutes early!

In the summer, I'm usually really good about planning outfits for the week. I'll spend Sunday afternoon behind an ironing board in front of something on SciFi or the BBC ironing pieces for the week. I don't know what happens to me in the fall and winter, though. I think it's because I feel (and am) heavier in the winter and I'm not as secure in my choices on Sunday. That and the weather can swing 40 degrees either way from morning til night and day to day. So in the fall and winter, I'm always finding something the night before. I have to admit that this is not a process my husband enjoys. It irritates him to watch me try to find something to wear and fuss that "I have nothing to wear!!". This is a man that has no choice in what he wears. It's khaki or black pants, an AT&T shirt and a tie. Not a lot to think about there! 

Once the outfit is picked out, I can decide what jewelry I'm going to wear. That's really the easy part, though. I have a lot of jewelry, but I never really have to spend time on thinking about which pieces to wear.
Speaking of jewelry, I'm obsessed with owls right now. Isn't this pendant cute? It came from Michael's and I think I paid $3 for it! I have several pendants from Michael's that I just buy and put on a chain that I already have. I see no point in paying $15 or more at a store for basically the same thing!

I wish I could be this organized and this kind of a planner in other areas of my life. Oh, well, better one area than none, right? 
So what's your style? Planner, fly by the seat of your pants? What?


  1. Yeah I love vivid colors as well! I think everyone looks best is bright jewel tones!

  2. I think you look great! Well coordinated...simple...stylish...well done! My mother has always loved owls and I remember that I couple of years ago there was a run on anything owl in thrift stores...your necklace looks like a pretty one!

  3. That's my girl! Why pay $15 or more when you can do it yourself for about $3-4, right? I am there with you on this one. And by the way love the owl pendant you picked.
    I don't think you outfit is blah. I like it. I assume you work, and that's a perfectly stylish and at the same time professional looking outfit.

  4. oh, p.s.
    no, I'm not a planner at all :(
    Maybe someday I get all my ducks in a row?

  5. I am not a planner- I am a fly by the seat of your pants kinda gal. It drives my children crazy! And my mother.

  6. Well, I think you look fantastic. My only suggestion would be to add in a brightly colored broach or necklace.

    I tend to not plan outfits at all. I usually think of them either as I'm falling asleep, while I'm working out in the morning, or after I'm done working out and trying to get in the shower quickly but I can't because I don't know what to wear. :) The only times I really come up with planned outfits is by surprise, when I just happen to be thinking about it. I wish I could plan them more often!

  7. I think you look wonderful! And the neutrals are great on you. I also love the owl jewelry on you! Very cute.

  8. OOOhhh, LOVE Michael's ;)
    I too am a "planner" of sorts ( til I see another outfit I like better, then the piles begin to grow )
    I love this outfit and those pants are rockin'!!!
    Maybe a pop of color with a scarf?
    The infamous Kasmira always says to put a piece of flattering color near your face to brighten and complete an outfit, and she knows stuff ;)
    Thanks so much for the comments.
    I am glad to be getting to know you and Lise.
    ( You'll get to see the ACTUAL outfit tomorrow from the Lunapics oops ;)
    Neutrals are a sign o the times, and you don't have to fit in a neutral box. I think if u love more color, you will feel more confident in it.
    but you are looking great here!

  9. I try but I always change my mind :) I love the pants - they are super duper flattering on you!!!

    I couldn't believe Tess was a Luthor either!! My jaw dropped! So glad someone else is watching. :)
    I am so sad it's ending!

  10. Hi hunnie....I love those wide legged pants....soo cool!!!

    For the outfit...maybe out a little vest over the polka dot top...(Id say PINK, just cuz its me, lol) open up the cardi so we can see the layers...and belt it with a silver skinny belt....thats my 2 cents, but only cuz ya asked, do look pretty in it, really..and these colors really DO go well...ya just gotta spice it up a I say:)

    Stop by and say Hello:)
    I’m an MTV Style Blogger!!♥

  11. Ooh, but I like this. Perhaps if you wanted to add more pop to it, you could add a printed scarf or something?

    I'm a planner for the most part. I write down outfit ideas. It helps on mornings when I'm rushed out the door!

    - JoAnn

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  12. Its fun to play with neutrals, and yours does look great! You're looking quite confident in your photos! Good job~
    I'm planning more with my blog--but I do love those spontaneous bursts of creativity that occur!

  13. I know what you mean about wearing neutrals together. I think the brown and the gray really work and compliment each other, and I think all neutrals really can go together (I've long ago thrown out those old rules of not wearing black with navy.) But, for me, the hangup is not if it goes, but if it makes my heart sing! And, I'm really not singing unless I'm wearing a jolt of color. It's just so much more fun!
    As for planning, whew! I am so NOT a planner. I'm a giant procrastinator and a very very late sleeper. Every morning, I finally rouse myself out of bed with barely a half an hour to spare before I have to leave for work. So every morning finds me in the same predicament: Standing in front of my closet wondering "what to wear?"
    The last outfit I really planned in advance was a bridesmaid's dress I wore to a best friend's wedding in September. But that doesn't REALLY count now, does it?

  14. Thanks for all the comments and compliments, guys!! I really appreciate it!

    I found a necklace at Kohl's tonight that would have just MADE this outfit. It has all these colors PLUS a pop of red! I almost wore red shoes this morning. If I'd had this necklace this morning, I could have! (Of course I bought it!)

    I LOVE the wide legs on these pants! They were a PS Too find for $9.

    Collette, pink probably would work good with these colors, actually. After wearing it everyday in October, I don't even think about my pink stuff anymore!LOL

  15. Vanessa, for someone who doesn't plan, though, you did a heck of a job coming up with outfits while at your parents!

  16. I like to pick clothes in my head before I go to sleep. If I wait until the morning I have a harder time getting up in the morning. I don't want to get out of the warm covers until I know what I am going to change into.
    I like that you buttoned the top of the cardigan but let the bottom open to show off the belt.
    The Auspicious Life

  17. I am the opposite of a planner, unless it's related to lesson plans and/or travel plans - the transportation part at least. I never plan my outfits, though.
    As far as the outfit, I like it a lot, but I'm all about the neutrals. My favorite way to add color is with a belt or bright shoes.