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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Whoa There!

Howdy Y'all! For Halloween I thought I would round up some varmints and make the west (or the KOA Kampground in Cherokee, NC) a little safer. Yep, I am the new "She-riff" in town.
Hat- Koa Kamp Store
Belt and Guns - Walmart
Blanket - Walmart
Boots - Uhm...Joys closet
Long Johns - Lazy One

Nobody does Halloween like KOA campground. Y'all should join us next year!

Before the fun, there is work to be done. I hate doing my hair while camping, so I love throwing on a scarf, sweater and hat. Done!
Hat - Thrifted in Park City, Ut
Sweater - PacSun
Newsboy hats are flattering and you can find them for $15 here
You can find some really good deals....and yes, everything is just $15!
We raked leaves, and then borrowed this!
I love it! It blows, sucks, chops and I just dump it out! Yay!

Although my kids pointed out that doing it the old fashioned way does have advantages
I agree.
Josh, Kaja and Fritz the Amazing Pomeranian

The End
See you tomorrow with more bargains!

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  1. I love you in hats! It's so cool looking! And your Bear Bottom cracks me up!!