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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Pass The Mustard

The kids are out of school, and I am packing for our Thanksgiving trip to Indiana and it hits me that I need to blog!  I change outfits a bunch of times before pulling this totally "out of the box" look together.  Then I call my 8 year old daughter upstairs to man the camera.  As you will see we also had to contend with the puppy who was determined to be photobomb champion of the day!  He is so sad because the construction is going on full force and he can't be outside.  He keeps trying to climb the ladders and I was afraid that some poor worker on top of one of those ladders would come flying off.
 I was totally bored with this so I layered a cardigan on top of a cardigan.  I couldn't decide which color to go with and then thought "Hey, mustard is a good topping for food, it must work with fashion".
So, mustard it was.  I kind of relish this look.  It's a good topping.  Yes, this is on purpose, catsup with me here.  This blog is peppered with puns 'cause I am one salty gal.  OK, I'm done.
This whole look came from Target!  I have recently found that this is a fun and inexpensive place for clothes and am loving the different looks you can put together!  I am wearing a hat because my hair is a work in progress that Spouse will finish tonight and I will reveal another day.  It's very fun!

All these pieces were found on the 70% off rack!!!
The only exceptions are the teal cardi from ATL
And the BORN boots.

I can't hold him off any more folks!

I am trying to get a close up of the skirt and tights pattern....

Got it!!!  (But only because the puppy is sleeping now)

See? We wore him out!  Sweet dreams Baron!

How are all your plans coming along?  Is it relaxed, do you have family coming?  Are they coming to your house?  What kind of traditions do you do for Thanksgiving?  Eat at a restaurant?  Turkey? Ham?
What the heck is Thanksgiving? lol


  1. I love this look! What a creative way to experiment with color. I almost got that Tucker skirt on sale but opted it for a Tucker dress that will show off someday on my blog.

    Target also has great jewelry, don't you think? I try not to go there too often b/c I always end up buying too much.

    You looking great as usual. Can't wait to see the big reveal (the hair)!

  2. sorry, I just have to ask. did you say your hubby helps you with your hair??? Where did you find him? b/c I want one like him (just kidding!)

  3. Her husband is a FABULOUS FABULOUS hairdresser. Lise is pretty good herself. She does my hair!

    And I too want to see the hair. She won't even show me!

    I love those tights and when did you buy all this, cause apparently I was not along! Hmmph! You went shopping without me!!!!!! Wahhhh!!!!

  4. I prefer SAFFRON to just sounds classier...but the color works no matter where you find it in the kitchen.. and the tights are my favorite! YOU MARRIED A HAIR DRESSER?? Lucky!!

  5. 50/40- OOOOHHH Saffron does sound better, but I can't think of a play on words for that. However, now that I have puns out of my system, I think I am using the word saffron. Thanks!

    OK, I need to write about myself on my profile. I am married to this AMAZING hairstylist. He trained all over the world and we met when he was doing stage work and I was producing hair shows. He is pretty amazing. He can look at a picture and tell you how you should wear your hair....WAIT I am seeing a new addition to the blog JOY!!

    Soccer Mom- Yes, Tucker for Target is awesome! But it is so easy to spend a lot because the cost is lower. For the good of the Blogs! :)

  6. Love love the outfit
    wouldn't have put those colors together, but they really do work well together.

    Here at my house everyone makes their favorite dish for Thanksgiving and we fry a turkey.
    Fun family time in the kitchen and less work for me.

  7. LOVE the color and LOVE the texture!!

    I can't wait to see your hair! I love that your hubby is a hairdresser. It's so convenient! My sister is mine but she lives an hour away so I can't just drop in like I used to. :(

  8. Love these lace tights. They're so cute cute cute. Just like your puppy!

  9. Loving these colors!!!!Love the statement about the mustard--lol
    big puppy

  10. Oh my word, you look amazing! I love this outfit! Layering a cardigan over a cardigan is GENIUS. The colors work so well together and the pattern mixing...I just love it all.

  11. OK, Love lovey love this !!!!!!!!!!!!
    Targei' has great 75%off racks ;)