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Friday, November 5, 2010

A Series Of Unfortunate Events

Is it time to go yet?

Whew! Friday. We made it. It's been quite the week around here. My boss started the week off by hitting a deer on the way to work. Very little damage, thank goodness. Lise's dog chewed up her shoe. And this morning, I backed into my husband's new car with my new car!! What do all these things have in common? They are all RED. What does this mean?!! I hope it doesn't mean bad things for the Dawgs!!

My kids were fighting like dogs this morning. I don't even know what they were fighting about, but it was coming to blows! Do your kids fight like that? It drives me nuts. The fighting continued into the car and me trying to break it up is what caused me to back into  his car. I haven't even made the first payment on them yet!! ARRGGHH!!! Needless to say, they are grounded for infinity. It was not a good start to the day. As we pull into the school parking lot, my child realizes that for the 3rd day in a row, he has left his lunch money check on the counter!!! The check that I have reminded him a dozen times to put in his bookbag. So I'm writing a check in car riders this morning. Peaceful mornings, easy mornings must be nice. Could a girl get one of those?

BUT, there was a bright spot this morning. We have a wonderful vendor and friend that comes to see us about every month or so. And this morning she dropped by with a bag of Milano cookies!! It's like she KNEW!! <grabs another cookie> Heaven!

So, I took inspiration for this outfit from Heidi Klum. <puts cookie back> I didn't want to wear the heels, though, cause it's cold this morning. I added my boots. I love sequins. Sequins make me happy.

My inspiration

Wool Blazer: Thrifted $5
Sequin J Crew Tank: $9
WalMart Jeggings: $12
Boots: I have no idea
My poor, poor car!
Damage: Less than deductible :(

Here's hoping for an great weekend for everyone!!


  1. ooooh, and I thought YESTERDAY was "ruff". You need an outlet right now. Like the Tanger outlets in Commerce, GA! I will tell Boss Man to let you off and hour early and I am taking you shopping.

  2. Sequins make me happy too! Love the outfit. I followed you back on bloglovin' too!