The only thing that separates us from the animals is our ability to accessorize.-Steel Magnolias

Friday, November 26, 2010

Black Friday

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving with your families yesterday. Did you eat too much? I know I did, but it was sooo good! We don't do anything fancy. We go to my mama's to eat lunch and then usually go back for supper too.  Here's what I wore down there. Just a pair of Old Navy skinnys and flats, a flannel shirt with a sparkly tank top from Charlotte Russe under it. Just a word of advice....skinnys and Thanksgiving do NOT go together!

For the first time in several years, I was not up early to shop. I really didn't see anything in those sale papers worth staying up for or getting up early for. PLUS it was raining cats and dogs here around 4 am. I'm sure there were some folks who got soaked out there!

Our plan for the day was to meet up with one of my friends and go to Mall of Georgia to walk around a bit and go see Harry Potter. But my son turned sick last night and those plans went out the window. So now we are just lazing around and watching too much tv. You know he's sick when he hasn't even touched a computer or the XBox. We'll try again tomorrow.

Wednesday was a short day at work. We left a little early. I was wearing red, white and blue. I'm not sure why I was so patriotic Wednesday. I've had this red and white polka dot shirt since summer.I purchased it off Ebay. It looked much better on Ebay than it did when I got it.  I just couldn't figure out how to wear it. The tie around my neck is actually the belt for this shirt, but it just didn't look good on me belted. I'm still unsure of this shirt. The collar bothers me. It's too wide or something.

Hey, Style Underdog, see my invisible plane in the fog? ;)


  1. Joy-we must be Southern kindred spirits haha!! Also, I am now a follower (don't know why I am just doing this)

  2. We must be!! I sell insurance with my English degree!

    Yay for following!!

  3. I actually love the red polka dot shirt. It looks really good on you!

  4. I did go out today and blogged about it...BUT, if it had been raining, I would have stayed at home. I go more for the fun of it than the prices...though it is good to get a real deal!
    I hope good health returns to your household..and BTW, I love the red polka dot!

  5. Joy, I LOVE a pointy toe heel peeping out from under a pair of slacks! You're adorable in both pics! I also checked out the pictures of you and your family. Too sweet! You and your hubby look very much in love....ain't love grand?!?!? :) ~Serene

  6. I love the shirt tied at the waist!
    Hope you had a great Thanksgiving! :)

  7. Those slim pants look incredible on you! I wore some stretchy too-big jeans to my Thanksgiving dinner :)