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Monday, November 29, 2010

I'm Baaaaaack!

 I missed you all here in Blogville!  And thanks to Joy for taking over singlehandedly for a few days.  Trust me, I did not imagine being in Bloomington, Indiana without access to a camera or computer!!!!
But, I am happy to be here and missed hanging out with all of you.
I am still having way to much fun mixing it up and pairing pieces together that normally would stay FAR away from each other.  But now they say "Can't we all just get along and look good?"

YES, you can.

What? my hair looks shorter and blonder and I used to part it on the other side? Why yes. **

 It's chilly here in Georgia, but I came from frolicking in 27 degrees so am not complaining.  However, the key is the layering.  So layering I do.  Textures can be mixed also.  This dress is herringbone tweed, the tights are a rose floral and the jacket is corduroy with fur (calm's not real). 
 Yes, I am hamming it up.  It made Joy and me laugh which is good because it usually takes me a few days to get over being homesick for Indiana and LOTS of family and friends!  Hahahahahah (It's helping, really)
 I found these shoes at Target (current) and they have a rose-like decoration! 
The tights are from Target also.
Dress: Ann Taylor Loft
Jacket: ATL-Studio
Shirt- Banana Republic-clearance

Thanksgiving hug from Spouse
12 hours in a car with 4 kids and we still love each other....awwwww.

CarolAnn (a friend from Middle School and High School) played with our kids at WonderLab!  If you are ever in the area of Bloomington-you must go!!!  And then we took the troops to her mothers house for lunch!  How sweet was that???
The picture has intentionally cut out the kids.

I hope you all had a great time celebrating with your loved ones as well!  We took home some of the best memories I ever thought possible and feel blessed to be part of such a wonderful family! (and frienships)


  1. I got the same shoes! But in black! I may have to go get the red ones because they are SO comfortable!!!

    Your tights are pretty amazing too!

  2. great outfit, love how you mixed different patterns and textures. cool haircut as well!

  3. I'm sooo happy you're back!!! Don't leave me like that again!!

    And I love love LOVE that jacket...and those shoes. The shoes, at least, I can wear.

  4. Love the hair, and this outfit (especially the floral jacket and the fur with the tights) is wonderful! So ladylike and interesting. I love how pulled together it is.

  5. Melissa-I saw your black shoes! I must have them now.

    Alessandra-Thank you and I hope you get feeling better soon!

    Vanessa- Thank you so much. It suprises me sometimes how a look can be pulled together with such different fabrics. can wear my shoes if you want. Lucky we wear the same size shoes! woohoo.

  6. Welcome back! Love the hair and the shoes. You go girl!!

    Here's a link to a "sister hoosier" I enjoy reading ( She recently moved back to the motherland from NYC. Maybe you will recognize some of the places in the photos!


    Lisa P
    who was transplanted in Ohio but a Hoosier at heart!

  7. Lisa, thanks for the link! She is awesome and what a fun blog. I recognized some spots as I looked through. As you have found, it is hard to knock the Hoosier out of someone. I am glad you found us because you understand the whole Hoosiers at <3!

  8. I think I will go to Target today! I love the shoes and usually their shoes are so comfortable. I really like your jacket and tights...the tights especially are beautiful. Welcome Back to the sphere...visit my new look at over50feeling40!!

  9. Thanks for stopping by my blog today!!

    I really like your coat...such a great pattern!

  10. Great outfit
    love the texture, pattern mix and color

  11. Your hair is awesome, your jacket and tights are super stylish and your husband is adorable! I give this post a 10!! :)

  12. Your hair looks GREAT!!! Glad you are back....I saw those shoes in Target....ever have something in your hand and put it back like a fool?? yepp.....these shoes:(

    Stop by and say Hello:)
    Statements in Fashion Blog♥

  13. This outfit is amazing. Love it all, all the texture and pattern mixing. And those shoes are from Target??? I have to go tomorrow.

    Thank you so much for your comments about my granny purse. It made my day. I'm so glad you appreciate it as much as I do. And especially for $3.99 I paid for it at Goodwill. It's pretty hard inside but still functional and in great condition. My only reservation was the color (dark blue). But I think I'm getting bolder and was able to mix it up even with black (big No-No in the past) in my last two posts ok, no?

    those tights are also amazing!

  14. Your hair looks amazing -- wow, so pretty.

    Love your outfit here -- you are a layering genius! I'm in love with that jacket -- such a great vintage vibe to it.