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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Dancing in the rain

Some years ago my friend Michelle called to see what we were doing.  With all the rain they were tired of being "cooped up".  "So, what have you been doing today?" she asked.
"Dancing in the rain with the kids" I replied.  She laughed and told me I was the ultimate optimist.  

But we all have our days when it is harder to be positive than others.  Today is my day.  It is raining, but I can't enjoy it because I (get ready for the whine) have been battling a migraine for over a week now!  I truly want to crawl into a dark, cool, quiet place and take something that will make it GO AWAY!
(I know, do I want some cheese with that whine?)lol

Today marks a very important milestone.  My 12 year old son has Aspergers.  This has been an incredible journey for our family with enough experiences to fill a whole blog!  He is in a public school attending 6th grade and is in the honors classes.  I am so proud of this amazing child!  Today he is riding the bus home with his best friend (and Joys son) Blake.  On the outside you are wondering what the big deal is, right?  Well, I have driven this child to and from school every day of his life.  Children with Aspergers need structure and consistency!  This is BIG.  He has to take a note to the school secretary and get an approval stamp to show the bus driver and his agenda signed and get on the right bus change!  I assured him that at any time today he would be able to call and I would come and get him, but he is determined to do this.  We map out his day over and over.  He looks a little worried, then my sweet 15 year old son comes in and pats his brother on the back and says "Buddy, I know you can do this because you have already overcome so much.  And remember, if you get confused, go to Mrs. Kendrick and she will help you".*

I got a little teary eyed because letting go is not easy for me.  Part of me wants to protect my children, but I also realize that preparing them to be independent and caring people is the best thing I can do.  So, today I let my Isak go.  Off to school and to find his own way to the school bus to meet Blake and ride home with him.  As he learns to do this I know he will be better prepared to navigate his own way through life. But I love that my kids are learning to be there for each other also!

  This is me laughing so hard I can not talk to the person on the phone (It's my husband, by the way). I have this migraine, the phones are crazy, we have people waiting in the lobby, I am worried about Isak, my head is THROBBING, my MIL has dementia and is moving in with us in 2 weeks, the back wall of my house is being remodelled to accommodate MIL and.......  Spouse calls with some serious stuff to explain and I know I am now going to start giggling.  Then spouse says "Are you laughing?"   In my head I am like "Well, CRAP! Of course I am because it's all I am capable of this moment!"   And Joy captures my Kodak moment.

Hello out there...Am I the only one with days like these?

No? OK.

Can I wear my sunglasses all day?
Oh, and I am trying new things also.  Today is olive green and purple!  WooHoo!
Sweater & tank - ATL
Shoes - Target
Pants - Thrifted -Ann Taylor (LONGS can you believe it?)


  1. Awww. Isak will be ok today. Blake will look after him. If you hadn't told me Isak had Asperger's, I would have never known. I just treat him like he's my own, and he just rolls with. He's such a great kid.

  2. The fact that your son is able to do all these things is truly a tribute to you as a parent. I used to work with special needs children, so I have an idea of the hard work and dedication that goes into raising a child with Aspergers or Autism. You are an amazing mama with an equally amazing son!

    I hope your migraine gets better!!!

  3. Yep, those migraine days are killer! I get them too.

    You are doing great being so strong for your little man. I know he will remember this day for a long time. I hope all goes well for him today!

    Hugs from Ohio,

  4. I love your outift!! You look beautiful!! And your son will do great! Good luck with the migraine :)

    Sherry B

  5. Kelly, Thank you so much for your words of support! It is amazing how everyones comments can help out!

    Lisa from Ohio-thanks for dropping by and leaving such a wonderful comment! I am originally from Indiana and love the midwest!

    SherryB- Thanks for the compliment! Isak did ddo super well! It was a great experience for him and he had so much fun.

    Sarah-Hey from me and Joy and welcome. Thanks for dropping by and commenting! The shoes are also super comfortable.

  6. Lise Marie,

    I'm actually originally from Indiana too but my hubby transplanted me in Ohio. :o)


  7. What a great momma (and daughter-in-law)!
    I got teary eyes when I was reading about Isak and your older son comforting him...

    btw, you "stole" the title of my next post (it rained here and I wore my trench and was gonna title my post the same as you did). I am kidding of course. And besides you did such a wonderful job here I would be ashamed to even attempt to use the title now. Great post. Keep on shining! I love when people CHOOSE to be optimists. the glass is always half-full.

  8. Lise may be the most optimistic person I know. She is always the one that sees the glass half full. I'm the pessimist and the cynic!