The only thing that separates us from the animals is our ability to accessorize.-Steel Magnolias

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Splish, Splash!

We may need an ark before this day is over. The rain, and lots and lots of it, is coming!! Well, I am prepared! My new rain boots from Target came yesterday!! I have been wanting a pair for a long time but I'm cheap. I didn't want to pay $24.99 and up for them. I was perusing the Target website during the Black Friday sales and found them for $15!!! YAY!! They were in my cart faster than you can turn around! And they were at my house yesterday! I was never so excited to see rain in the forecast!

I also decided to jump on the military look/skinny olive cargo pant band wagon. I've seen many in Style Nation wear them and look oh so cute. Again. I'm cheap. But Saturday, Charlotte Russe still had a Black Friday sale going on and I scored a pair for $14!! (I've looked and looked at Goodwill and other thrift stores and couldn't find a pair in my size. Finding them on sale, though, was almost as good!)Oh and a little tip from me to you? Don't do what I did and buy up a size because they are skinny pants and you're afraid they'll be too tight after they are washed. I spent the entire day pulling them up!

I guess I was channeling...oh, everyone when I put this outfit together! LOL  But here's a pic from Chictopia and one of Posh Spice. <snort> As if.

Posh Spice
 I liked the black and gray with the green. Here's how I did it:

Pulling up my pants yet again!
I added a leopard scarf to mine because I was cold. I also employed my favorite layering trick. I have a gray sequin tank top on top of a gray t shirt. And topped it with my thrifted black wool blazer. What do you think?

Ok. Y'all have a great day. I'm taking my rain boots out to splash in some puddles!!


  1. The one outfit DOES look like Posh Spice!! I want the rain boots....a lot. They are so cute and the picture of you with them in the rain is the BEST! It has rained a lot.

  2. Those boots are amazing! I always am on the lookout for a cute new pair since I live in Seattle! I lvoe the colors! I also am loving the skinny cargos this season too!

  3. You look so great! I love the addition of the leopard scarf!

    I've seen those boots too but I don't want to pay full price for them. Wish I'd seen them on sale!

  4. You look amazing in this outfit!!! Very flattering...

  5. Love those boots!
    Yesterday was 50cnts sale day at Goodwill.
    i tried on every pair of skinny green pants they had. No luck........Yet ;)
    You look faboo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I kinda looked like a school-girl ;)
    and no, I don't have a crush on my therapist :)
    teee, hee!

  6. You're too funny. Those boots are to die for! I'm gonna buy a pair online (they are $19.99 now) RIGHT NOW!

    IMHO you have way more style than Posh Spice! ;-)

  7. Thank,y'all, for all the nice comments. And Amber Lena, you may be my new bff!! LOL

  8. As soon as I bought my cute rain boots, we went into a hasn't rained since!! I would love to wear them again..yours are cute as well. I really like your is the type of look I wear alot. Great minds think Alike!

  9. Great interpretation of that look - I have a soft spot for Posh and Posh inspired looks.

    Have fun splashing in those cute boots!

  10. Love your look today
    Will try the layer of the sequin tank over a t.

  11. You make me laugh--so good on the posh pose look so good in those pants! Great outfit, love the boots--great score. jealous

  12. Great Posh impression!! I like your interpretation better though - the scarf is fantastic!

    Enjoy splashing around in your super cheery rainboots!

  13. You look great. Utilitarian, chic and classic. The best thing about networks such a Chictopia is the inspiration you get from them. Nice job in translating the look to real life.
    Animal print and army green somehow go together, a logical combo, although I'm not sure why.

    The rainboots! LOVE!

  14. I think you look fantastic! I love the whole look.
    And your rainboots (especially the way you practically stole them from Target) are fab.

    Leaving the House in THIS?!?!

  15. cute wellies! like your look.

  16. skinny cargos! I'm impressed!!

  17. First off, those boots are SO you! Colorful and fun.

    LOVE the pants! They really look fabulous on you