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Wednesday, December 1, 2010


 Happy Holidays!
***It's December***
What ever is special at this time to you - Let's celebrate!  But, I have a confession....
I LOVE CHRISTMAS!  The smells, the sounds, the cool air, the excitement...everything.
Christmas is soooo Sparkly. 
I also appreciate that growing up my parents encouraged us to learn about the way others celebrate this time.  And I learned that even with Christmas itself there were many different ways people celebrated.  With my Danish background, there were a lot of things that we did which my friends did not.  But they were our traditions and I love them.  For as long as I can remember, we celebrated Christmas Eve with another family who's father is from Norway.  We ate (no, seriously...we ATE), sang Scandinavian carols and played games.  These were some of the happiest times of my life. 
(OK, on to the fashion. Can you tell that I love this time of year?)

Oooh, what did Joy get me?
Today after getting dressed, my 8yr old stopped and said "You need a POP of color".  She then runs off and comes back with a scarf from her closet and says "I think this will do nicely".   Yeah, she's been reading the blog! LOL  And she was right!  I love this scarf and it is just the right pop of color for the outfit today. 

The jacket is from Coldwater Creek which I got on clearance last spring and LOVE.  The velvety texture is great and it is lined and very comfortable.  I saw they have these-or very similar-online right now.

I believe they are on sale for $54.99 right now

 So, I just had to add a little anecdote here.  When my parents got married, my father gave Mother the most beautiful set of Royal Copenhagen china as a gift.  It has service for an army, and had every eating, serving, whatever piece imaginable!  Growing up we at on this for lots of special occasions.  
No one....and I mean no single soul (besides my mom) EVER washed it! 
That way if any piece broke, she would not want to kill us.  OK, she was too sweet for that, but none of us wanted that kind of guilt to carry around the rest of our lives.  They have been married almost 56 years, had 6 kids, and haven't lost any pieces! 
This Thanksgiving all that changed.  My brother, Wayne, and I got to be the first ever! 
Look at us, we are hand washing the Royal Copenhagen!!!!!
And we are laughing.  I don't know why. 
It looks like I'm telling him that I am going to blame him if something breaks.  heeheehee
 Aaaah, memories.

Hey, this is also proof that I do housework! woohoo.

So, what is this season like for you?  What and how do you celebrate?  What fun traditions do you have?


  1. I thought for a minute you were going to say she gave it to you and that we'd be eating off it for Christmas!! LOL But yay for you getting to wash dishes!!

    And I do love this jacket. I wish I'd gotten one last year when they were on clearance!

  2. That jacket is kick @ss !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    My oh My!!! ;)
    I will forgive your love of Christmas ;)
    actually I always wait til that day to admit i like it ( or Christmas eve. while watching Scrooged - the funniest movie ever....)
    Back to the jacket........
    Perfect with the skinny belt!!!!
    You are so thin, I am jealous :)

  3. You look SO gorgeous! I absolutely adore that jacket, the velvet is so festive. And your daughter has quite the little style maven in her, doesn't she? :)

    That picture of you and your brother is priceless. I'm sure you'll treasure that and its meaning for years! Such a great story!

  4. Wow, that's big!! Did Mormor have any idea that you guys were touching the china?! Looks like Thanksgiving was great in B-town...wish I could have been there!

  5. Reva, thank you so much! I came home and combed through summer stuff and found my white skirt. I am going to copy-cat your look today. This is new so what it the protocol. Do I post a picture of you with mine and a link to your blog? Or...what?

    Melissa- I was pretty excited that she has picked up some of Joys and my lingo. It was cute. And I am glad you liked the picture. My sibs were like "You got to carry it?" I love the picture also because it caught us at a "real" moment. Sometimes those are the best pictures.

  6. She was right, looks great! Also love your sweater, looking chic washing dishes - woo hoo!

  7. Thanks Alessandra!

    Hokie- Uhmmmm...Well the reason we are washing them is because Mom (who might have Alzheimers) said she used to just throw them in the dishwasher!! NOT!!! Never!! We had Grant run interference and ask to look at some scrapbook with her and Wayne and I just did it. lol We missed seeing you. (But I truly understand).

  8. Lise Marie, I have so much to comment on here!! Okay, the velvety jacket from Coldwater Creek is totally gorgeous on you! AND you got it on clearance? That is fantastic.

    Your eight year old with the "pop of color" comment is hysterical! So awesome she is aware of getting dressed and looking great. The pink scarf she chose is perfect. That is just too cute. Last year my 4 year old boy commented a couple of times about needing something or other with my outfit. He loves What Not To Wear, too. He even knows the hosts names!

    About the china. I love dishes so much I am really into them. I get to inherit my mom's china, and I'm so excited about it.

    Your sweater you're wearing in the housework photo is really pretty.

  9. I love that jacket! And that longer length would be great with jeggings...think Santa will bring it to me for Christmas?

  10. I am so overboard Christmas and my family and students make fun of me...but I love everything about it. Music to decorating to movies to food...everything! I want this coat!! I might just have to put it on my Christmas list as well! This was an excellent off season purchase.

  11. That is a great story! My mom is the same way - my sisters and I feared for our life around her china - we did not want to be the responsible party! lol

    Your daughter is too cute adding the pop of color to your outfit - she's got a great eye!

  12. We need to go out together in our velvet jackets!
    Love that you used or rather your daughter used the bright pink with the gray! Love those colors together.

  13. LisaMarie--the jacket is beautiful and what a wonderful grey (?) color! Of course, I would like grey! Your daughter was right...and I wish I had my little ones around to make suggestions.

    So, you washed...were any of the dishes broken?

  14. Thanks for your comment :)
    I'm in Australia so Christmas is in the summer for us so we are probably eating outside and enjoying the sun.
    We get together with hubby's family for a big Christmas lunch and the uncle's might play cricket or just sit around and drink beer. haha. The cousins run around like crazy, probably from too much sugar but at least it is outside. I just love being with the family.

  15. Christmas Eve is spent with the in laws. Lobster, shrimp and tons of side dishes. Christmas morning is always sausage, egg & cheese casserole, hashbrown casserole & cinnamon rolls.

    Oh...and gifts :-)

    BTW your 8 yr old was right. That scarf MAKES that outfit.

  16. Lobster and shrimp?!


  17. No more Frump- I love your 4 yr. old! That is so cute that he watches that show. The sweater in the "housework" photo is a favorite and from Macys from this fall I.N.C.) so its probably on sale by now.

    Fashion/50- You are right about jegging with this! It is long enough. And a pair of tall boots. You gave me a great idea of how to wear this next time. Thanks!

    Feeling 40- I am loving how you do christmas! And I hope you get this jacket because it would look great on you!!!

    Kelly- I am glad I am not the only one afraid of the china! LOL

  18. Terri- Not a single chip or break :) Because of the texture of the jacket, the color didn't show up well. It is almost grayish/denim bluish color. And so comfy! You need to buy one!

    Jacinta-I was excited to hear from you. It is so funny to think of you sweating it out down under! I love the image of you sitting in the sun at Christmas and watching Cricket!! Very chic. I would love that!

    B- May I just echo Joy? Wow.

  19. That jacket is beautiful! And your daughter's pop of color was a perfect touch.


  20. Your eight year old is learning well.

    I also love Christmas - the food, the family time, the music - it all makes me so happy.

  21. love your jacket. what a fantastic color. Loved hearing your story. something so trivial like china has so much sentimental value. when i immigrated i got to bring some fragile china (some made it, some did not)... i brought it not because i thought it was valuable or anything. it's just sentimental. and heck YES! my kids know not to touch my china from Georgia ;) lol