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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree

I've got my tree up! How about you guys?  I wanted to put up the huge 7.5 foot tree that's about 4 feet around but Ben didn't want to fool with it, so we have the skinny tree up. It's ok, though. Leah also put up a smaller tree on the piano. It's very cute. The bigger tree is FULL of presents now. I wish I had a picture of it now, but I can't seem to remember to take one. Here's what it looked like before the presents:

It done in all silver and red and clear ornaments. The clear lights show up gold, though. Huh. This is the palm tree in my office. It's all festive. My kind of tree is a Christmas palm tree on a beach somewhere with a cute cabana boy bringing me margaritas....

So yesterday was a busy, busy day at work. I got a lot of paperwork and scanning done only to find out this morning that I used outdated forms and it will ALL have to be done over. I wanted to cry. I think we've worked something out so that maybe I won't have to rescan all 350 pages again!!

It was cold AGAIN. I think we broke a record low yesterday morning, so I added a scarf before I went out the door. I love this cardigan. I found it on clearance at Kohl's. It has BLING BLING on the pockets!!

I think we all know how much I love the bling! But do we all know how much I love penguins?? Look at my cute penguin necklace!! I love it so much!!

Well, my tree is up, my shopping is done and Ben wrapped all the presents! I think we're ready for Christmas!! How about you?


  1. Your shopping is done? Oh dear...I need to get a move on!

    I emphathize with having to re-do projects! We have an 87 page agenda for our meeting on Tuesday that was delivered to our board members this week...and we've just discovered that for some reason, some of the pages don't match (17 in one packet is different from page 17 in another).

    So...Monday morning, I'll be reprinting and separating all 22 copies of this 80+ page agenda...

  2. This is really random, but I also wore a cardigan today from Kohl's with bling on the pockets...different color. I will be blogging about it this afternoon. I hope mine looks as good as yours...but at least great minds think alike. I think all Christmas trees are beautiful..just wish they were up longer!

  3. One cabana boy coming right up! lol
    You look great and ladies, truly she LOVES everything with penguins! Cute.

    Pam, I will have to go check out your blog today and see your cari also...and then head out to Kohls because I am feeling left out here.

  4. Oh, Melissa, that truly sucks!!! Some days, I really hate work!

    Pam I can't wait to see your cardi!!

  5. Love the bling bling on the pockets! Cute scarf too.

  6. jealous--I have nothing--no tree--no decorations--YET! This weekend--god willing.
    Love your plaid scarf--must keep warm...
    I like the skinny tree--it seems to fit well.

  7. the necklace is precious. I like your outfit with the scarf. And I wonder if the color on the lights wouldn't be more true if you snapped a pic in the dark!

  8. So festive. Love that gray cardi with a bit of bling.

    My tree is up, but need to take care of presents still...scary!

  9. Your pockets and penguin are the bomb!

  10. Your tree is similar to what we are needing....tall and thin, we have more vertical space than horizontal. The cardigan is wonderful! Just the right amount of embellishment and can you ever go wrong with gray? I grew up in Thomson, that anywhere near you guys? ~Serene

  11. Your tree and room are beautiful! So jealous that you have wrapped all your presents!

    That penguin necklace is too cute. :)

    Thanks for noticing my weight loss!! I have been working super hard to lose the rest of my baby weight - including running outside with Peanut in the freezing cold - BRRRRR!!! I'm glad it's starting to show a bit - it's coming off super slow (9 months on 9 months off - right?)

    Have a fabulous weekend!!!!