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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

A Warm Coat That Doesn't Give You The Cold Shoulder!

 I am at the pharmacy, strep has run through the kids and this is about my 50th time to CVS.  But, now I'm getting a prescription for me because somehow the laws of the universe broke and now I have it.   Anyhoo, he hands me my prescriptions and I ask "Does this need to be refrigerated?".  Our pharmacist looks at me and replies "No, Mrs. Tyner, they're pills".  Duh.
I have the mental capacity of a circus poodle about now, thank you.

The good thing is that I "happened" to find one of my Christmas gifts and immediately put it on.  It is freezing and I *need* it.  It is also about the most adorable, well fitting coat ever in the whole wide world of coats!
I have long gorilla arms that are only good for hugging people and playing volleyball....NOT finding coats.  By the time I find one with long enough sleeves, 3 of me could fit into the rest of it.  I do not particularly like puffer coats either because I feel like a penguin and walk like one too.   
 Then I found this coat at Coldwater Creek! 
YAY!  It is warm & sleeveless, but I don't have a cold shoulder.  It has adjustable straps on the side that are ever so cute and the color is dreamy.  The most important thing is the fur collar. I am a sucker for faux fur!!!  This is me yesterday when I stopped by to pass on some germs to Joy and take her picture for the blog.

Joy laughed because she said my hair is the same color as the fur collar! lol

 This is also one of my favorite hats which I tend to wear when am sick because it hides bedhead!
The coat is current so go buy one!!!  They are luscious!

Just in case you need the coat also....because you is the link:
And right now they have 25% off and free shipping!

Now on to today!  I am back at work and wearing green and chocolate brown!  I love the colors together.  For some fun I added my kitten heel shoes from Target which are not only comfy, but so chic!  WinWin!

 I am feeling a bit "Mad Men" today which is totally me.  But almost every piece came from Coldwater Creek (and on sale right now). I also threw on a fur collar that I "stole" from another sweater.
A vintage pin holds it in place.

I don't look happy!  Probably because I just had to take another pill the size of a Prius! 
Isn't there some type of size limit? 

I can hear the chemists now:
"Do you think we made these pills too large?"
"Why no, Mrs. Tyner can fit in a Prius, so I am sure she can swallow one"
(and I do own a log-splitter in case I need to cut them in half)
 Way cute tights and shoes!
Sweater:  Coldwater Creek- sale
Pencil skirt:  Coldwater Creek- sale
Shoes: Target
Tights: Old Navy (last year)

I had to show you my makeup bag that I got in the mail from Sephora!
It is so so cute and the compact is wonderful to use and look at.

OK, I am done. But I am glad to be back!!! I missed Blogville!


  1. That coat is super cute!

    I love that shade of green on you, it's gorgeous! And I kind of want/need those shoes. Yes I do.

    Hope you're feeling better!

  2. I'm so glad you're back! And I'm going to steal the shoes, just so you know.

  3. So, is is the giant pill or the coat that has you on the mend? I like the colors here and the brooch on the scarf!

  4. Terri-LOL I think its the coat. I do look happy with it on. hmmm.

    Melissa-I am so loving shoes at Target lately. You do need them and I think they're on sale now.

  5. I love your tights!! So dang cute! Did you happen to find your coat while looking for something in the attic...with a flashlight? Not that I ever did that...

  6. Sooo cute! I love that look and shade of green on you! And those shoes!! I hope you start feeling soon. I'm home sick with a cold and double pink eyes so I know exactly how you feel.

  7. Love the MM look and you pull it off so well
    I am loving that coat, but wonder how long it would stay white if I owned it. LOL

  8. That is a GORGEOUS coat!
    And those kitten heels? They make me swoon.

  9. I love your second outfit...the Target shoes are my favorite. I have a lot of success with Coldwater Creek and find myself shopping more and more there. you selected some great pieces!

  10. You may be sick but you look stunning!! The tights and shoes are fantastic

  11. I hope you feel better soon--strep is no fun! I LOVE your "Mad Men-esque" outfit! Those shoes just make it perfection!

  12. Wow, those are cute shoes! Are they comfortable? I thought me (and my aching feet) had left budget shoes behind forever, but...... (walks out door and heads to Target)

  13. I love your kitten heels and the brown flats you are wearing on your sick day, where are those from? Target does gave great shoes lately, I have a few pairs.

  14. Birdie- Are you suggesting that Moi was ransacking the office at the salon and the trunk of Spouse's car for a gift? (It was in the trunk of his car)

  15. Viktoria-Thanks! This is my new fav color right now. I wore it last night with jeans and a bright pink scarf and it look good with that also. And...Double pink eye??!!?? You poor thing! I am sending get well wishes to you!

    Silvergirl: It would not stay clean for long *sigh*. Be careful where you sit when wearing it.
    I think whatever I sat it will wash out. lol
    I love your silver hair so much! You and Joy can Never color your hair!!!!

    Frances Joy: Thanks! Leopard print + kitten heels= love. ok, anything that is kitten heel.

    Pam- I never used to shop there, but now am finding some pieces that you can have a lot of fun with! And have you been to the on-line outlet? FUN! Thanks for reading our blog!

    Kelly: Thanks for having me as your girl Friday! It was a lot of fun. And thanks for the compliment. Silver eyeliner makes me look awake and not so sick :)

    shealannon: Thanks for coming by the blog. I am starting to fell better (must be the nice things people here say).

    Anne: I feel your pain! And I (until recently) was such a shoe snob. Mostly because I hate for my feet to hurt! However, these are actually quite comfy (not Nike comfy, but comfy). Your comment made me laugh which is always nice.

    Joyce: I glad you noticed the brown shoes! They are some of my favorites (they show up in a lot of pictures). The funny thing is that the come from a place called "Show Show" and were $15.99. But they have this great gold buckle and strap and I can walk all day in them.

  16. Just a bit ago, as I was getting into my husbands Prius, I thought of your comment from the imaginary chemist and went into a fit of laughter... my husband kept giving me the oddest looks.... caught him looking up mental hospitals on his iphone after lunch.... lol!!! Love your blog! Just found it! I think I'll be a follower... :D