The only thing that separates us from the animals is our ability to accessorize.-Steel Magnolias

Monday, December 6, 2010

Baby, It's Cold Outside

Brrrrr..... The South seems to be having a serious cold front. My Southern blood is too thin for this. Give me 90 degrees any day over this crap! And it's WINDY on top of it. Almost blew me away when Lise was taking my pictures. See?

My outfit is kinda blah. My accessories are more interesting, but they didn't photograph well. My jacket is a $3 yard sale find from Chadwycks. Cords are St John's Bay from JCPenney. Shirt is from PS Too.  That  cute bracelet came from Charming Charlies, which is new to this area. That may be the greatest accessories store I've ever been in. I could spend all day and lots of money in there. Oh, in the top picture, you can see 2 little flower pins. Lise thought they were vintage. Not so much. They are from Michael's. I may have given $3 for them!

What did you do this weekend? We finished our Christmas shopping. Ben even took me to lunch at Rafferty's. I'm so happy to be done! Ben also did ALL the wrapping. I am a terrible wrapper.This is what I wore shopping with my honey. It's just a simple purple t shirt from Kohl's, purple and gray scarf from...I have no idea and black St.John's Bay cords from JCPenney. I ended up adding a black vest to it because it was so cold. Have I mentioned how much I hate the cold? We had to go to the funeral home that night and I changed to gray pants and heels and a black jacket.

I'm going to go put on sweats and curl up next to a heater and read! I may have to do a book post this week. Hmmm......


  1. IT is 21 degrees here in Cincy today!
    with wind-chill of zero.
    I am not prepared for such nonsense so early ;)
    And I wish a cute, hot man would make a comment on my leggings ;).........
    They seem to only want to call me Ma'am........
    It's funny, and maybe I'm "that lady who wears daisy dukes, a huge tat on my cellulite with a terrible yellow perm" lady, but I really feel comfortable in floral leggings and the such.
    I wouldn't be me without some form of rebellion against my age ;)

  2. Ha Ha- my post is titled the exact.same.thing. today. It is cold in the south and I don't like it either!! Give me 90 degrees and humid anyday!!

  3. That purple sweater is so great on you! I think it would look lovely underneath that green jacket, too!

    I also hate the cold. Granted, I'm happy to wear tights and a scarf without breaking a sweat but when I'm STILL shivering in them? Not okay.

  4. Well...I have to admit the purple is my favorite and purple is your color! I like your boots also. I am a little jealous of the cold and snow, but I can see where it would get old if I lived in it! Stay warm...make some hot cider!

  5. The beach is calling me, y'all!! My blood needs the warmth!

    Sherry, I didn't see your's before I posted. Great minds think alike!

    Reva, I too have rebelled with a tat! My mom HATES it!

    Melissa, I did think about the purple and green. Am I ready for that? I don't have a scarf or any jewelry to pull it together.

    Pam, I do love purple but I HATE snow. I couldn't live somewhere it snows!

  6. I LOVE you in purple! You look great. I agree with Melissa that it would look great underneath the green jacket!

  7. Weren't you the one complaining of the heat with me? :P

  8. You look great while trying to keep warm! Sometimes, when it gets really cold (we're talking like 10-20 below!) I can't be bothered for fashion and I'm wearing my thickest layers all at once. You look great in that purple color!

  9. Missy, I'd rather be HOT than be this cold!! But I will still complain about the heat! LOL

  10. 10-20 below?!! You will never find me anywhere that gets that cold!!

  11. Iove purple, love purple and gray even more. Perfect outfit for shopping.

    Also love your green jacket. Stay warm!

  12. You know you were thinking of me when you wore that purple sweater :-) It looks fabulous on you. I love the green jacket on you too!

  13. Joy- those were socks you were looking at on my outfit. I got them at walmart or target I think. I love them too. Have a great Tuesday!!

  14. I love the holiday season, but I agree - the cold is brutal!!

    You look great in green - it's beautiful on you!!

  15. I like all the layers of green in this first look! And, you look smashing in eggplant/deep purple!