The only thing that separates us from the animals is our ability to accessorize.-Steel Magnolias

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Flowers In The Attic

Flowers in the Attic. Kinda creepy book, right? Yeah, well, I had a kinda creepy day. See these cute floral tights? Take a good look, because you will probably never see them again. I had not 1, not 2, but **3** creepy men make comments about them. 2 of them just stared and stared and asked if my legs were tattooed or was that "just hose". Go ahead, laugh, I'll wait. My husband thought it was hysterical!! Then there was the guy who talks like Billy Bob from Slingblade that got fired from his last job for staring at "the pretty cheerleaders". "I like them leotards you got on there. Uh, huh. They remind me of them girls at the school in their short skirts. Umhuh."  Yeah, read that in Billy Bob's Slingblade voice. Uh, huh. Creepy, right? 

And I was excited about this outfit. It was inspired by this post from Reva. Her floral trench reminded me that I have a pink trench-that I've never worn! So, I put the floral in my tights instead of my coat. And then the men folk had to get all weird on me! Sometimes living in a small town is not a good thing. Try to break out of your comfort zone and you get blindsided. So, anyway. The unlined pink trench is from Liz Claiborne. I bought it when our's went out of business for $12! This is the first time I've worn it and I've had it at least 6 years. You can't really tell but my turleneck from Coldwater Creek is purple and I have on my charcoal pencil skirt and my cheap brown Target boots.

Hurry up!! It's COLD out here!!

Floral tights from Charlotte Russe

Today I'm all in my favorite colors of black and red. I did venture out in tights again today. And I got some good natured ribbing from some people who were around when the creepy guys got ....creepy. But that was ok, because I KNEW they were just kidding around.  I like this skirt, even if I do feel fat in it. It's got a kind of paper bag like waist to it and just makes me feel hippy or something. I think we all know I have body issues, so...moving on to pictures....

Red Cardi: Target, $12
Silver sleeveless turtleneck: Kohls, $7
Plaid Paperbag Skirt:Ann Taylor Loft, 12
Red Tights: Kohls, $5.50
Black Boots: Payless, $19

See the cute little bows on the pockets?

No, I'm not looking in the presents. Why would you think so?!
I've stepped out of my comfort zone a bit this week. How about you?


  1. does look like your legs are tattoos. :-0 Love the pink coat though!

    And I totally read that in the slingblade voice.

  2. B!!!!! OMG! Could you imagine actually sitting to get tatted up like that?!!

  3. One of the "creepies" said he wanted to LICK her legs. I almost fell off my chair. I love your look today. You don't look hippy. You don't even own a peace sign. ;)

  4. I forgot about the guy wanting to lick my legs! THANKS for reminding me!!

  5. I love all of your outfits! Those tights have got to be some of the cutest tights I've seen in a long time. It's a good thing I'm going shopping tomorrow. To Charlotte Russe I go!

  6. Thank you, Samantha! Lise got some cute floral ones at Target a couple of weeks ago.

    I just hope you don't run into creepy men!! LOL

  7. How adorable are you in these outfits??? I love the tights but I think a creepy guy wanting to lick my legs would have pushed me over the edge ;)

  8. I forgot to mention in the post, that I had a pair jeans in high school with the exact print of those floral tights.

    It was the 80s. I probably wore them with high top Reeboks and 2 pair of scrunched down socks. And HUGE earrings!

    Wish I had an old picture of them.

  9. Nooo, don't let creepy men keep you from rocking a cute fashion! I think those look great! Once I wore yellow tights and a co-worker said "What's wrong with yer legs there girl?" I still plan on bringing back the yellow tights!!

  10. I actually like your outfit with the floral tights!!! Great story...tell those men you are just making a fashion statement!

  11. OK...I like the tights, but if more than one creepy man commented on them, I would never wear them again either! I do love the trench and the cute skirt with the bow pockets! Resist all temptation...don't look in the packages! (although I probably would!)

  12. I lOVE the trench AND especially the tights :)
    You were rockin them!
    Men and fashion............
    like oil and water........( usually )
    I think they are jealous ;)

    thanks for the shout-out!
    let's all get out heads together and have a floral leg post-a-thon !!!!
    My florals are itching to come out and play ;)
    say sometime next week?

    my hubs does 'sling-blade' really well.
    i love it, but i'm wierd ;)
    How hot was that scene with BBob and Halley?
    ( another movie, Monster's Ball )
    I'd rather have seen J Depp and Halley ;)- or better yet- ME. ( and Depp, not Halley ..... )

  13. Love me some Johnny Depp!!

    I didn't see Monster's Ball. Maybe I need to.

    You and Lise get your florals out. I think I'm too traumatized to try again!! LOL

  14. OHHH no you are not. Reva and I are getting out the floral tights and rockin' 'em babes! Who is with us? SAC has been formed (Sisters against Creepers) and since when have we taken fashion cues from the old men at the BREAD BASKET Joy? We are talking about people who think dressing up is takin' a shower and removing the John Deere trucker hat!

  15. Never in a million years would I ever think that guys would make off color comments on floral print tights.....what a hoot--go figure!
    Serene over at The Elegent Bohemian has a post about tights today--and I had to comment that print tights are very difficult to wear--even for me! I can wear almost any color, but when it comes to print...and I almost bought a pair today!
    I think they look cute and love the pink coat--and really its only a few inches of them showing! Kudos to you for having the courage!

  16. Oh, creepy men....

    I love the floral tights, though.

  17. Cracking up over the "creepy" men
    Love the pink trench, can't believe you waited so long to wear it.

  18. ha! The creepiness comes through in your writing and retelling of these encounters. I really like the floral tights!

  19. Sorry, I refuse to be a plain jane in order to ward off creepy men.

  20. How brave of you to pull of floral tights and look good at that? I'm still a bit hesitant on wearing my solid purple ones so I love that you're bold!



    Would love for you to say Bonjour at:


  21. HAHAHAHA!!!! That is SO creepy!!!! Who would think a fabulous pair of tights would bring the creepers out of the woodwork?!

    If it makes you feel better, my sister was walking out of the supermarket the other night and a man walked up to her and said he could picture her naked in that dress and he wanted to bone her. True story - there are wackos everywhere!!

  22. OHMYGAWD, Kelly!! Your sister wins! LOL

  23. I think you look great in both of these outfits!! I am from a small town too, and it seems all the creepy wierdos come out on the same day!!