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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Random Questions!! I've Been Tagged!!

Silvergirl tagged me to answer these fun questions. Go to her site and read her fun answers!! And see her awesome style. She's been rocking the sequins lately!!

Oh, so here we go:

1.  What did you want to be when you grew up?
Well, I wanted to be a lot of things at different times. But the one thing that I thought I really wanted to do was be a teacher. I had a chalkboard on the wall and a couple of desks set in front of it. I would "teach" my dolls and stuffed animals. When I got to college, I realized that I do not have the patience to be a teacher! LOL

2.  Favorite childhood game?
 Hmm. This is kinda hard. I was an only child, so it was just me, myself and I most of the time. My mama did sit and play Scrabble with me for hours, though.  At church on Wednesday nights and Sundays, my cousins and I played A LOT of Freeze Tag. Maybe if I played that now, I could lose this extra weight. Hmm....

3.  Most favorite birthday?
 It was my 16th birthday. I got a car. Enough said!

4.  Something you have always wanted to do and haven't yet?
I want to go on a trip around the world. There are so many places I want to see. I want to see Rome and the Coliseum. I want to see the ruins of the Acropolis. I want to see London and the Palace. I want to see Paris and the Eiffle Tower. I want to see it all!! My daughter says we're going to do this when she graduates high school.

5.  What was your first love? 
My first love was a little white fluffy dog named Scruffy. I got her for my 12th birthday. We went to pick her out and she was the runt of the litter, but she was also the most playful. I loved that dog. Bless her heart. She died while Ben and I were gone to a wedding. My parents didn't call and tell me because they didn't want me to be upset while at the wedding.

6.  First musical idol?
  Oh my gosh. Leif Garrett! LOL I had posters of him from Tiger Beat on my room. My how he has changed! He had to fight for my affections with Scott Baio. Scott Baio was the first fan letter I ever wrote and I got a signed poster back! I wanted to marry Scott Baio!

7.  Favorite gift?
 My engagement ring from Ben. And can you believe that he had that money put back for a motor for his Corvette? Isn't it sweet that he sacrificed his motor to get me a diamond? LOL

8.  If a theme song played everywhere I went what would it be?
Margaritaville. Because that's where I'd like to be most of the time. LOL

9.  Favorite city to visit?
 Tybee Island, GA. There's nothing like crossing that last bridge onto Tybee and smelling that marsh mud. I just feel my soul filling up. There is absolutely nothing to do on Tybee and that's what makes it great. It's just sand and sea and sun and food! LOL Once you hit the island, you are on Tybee Time.

Thanks for tagging me Brett!! Hmm...let's see. Who do I want to tag?

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Ladies, You've been tagged!! You're IT! And the rest of you go visit their blogs!! They all have great style and ideas!!

Oh and just in case you think I've abandoned all my Christmas themed clothing:

Penquin socks from Lise's daughter, Kaja!!


  1. Woo! Great answers! Sweet of your man to get you a ring instead of something for his car!!

  2. Thanks! Love those socks!!! You are too cute and you do NOT need to lose weight girl!

  3. I like your festive penguin socks! Pink and red is a great combo. And thanks for the tag... I'll put it on my to-do list for post-Christmas!

  4. LOL Oh my gosh!!! Leif Garrett and Scott Baio! I used to DROOL over Leif Garrett! Scott Baio was cute, but Leif Garrett was DANGEROUSLY cute...seductive in a junior high nonsexual kind of way. And I used to LOVE Tiger Beat magazine! ~Serene

  5. Joy. loved your answers..i told Brett I would get to these over the holiday and I am looking forward to it. I also used to love Tiger Beat Magazine and haven't thought about it in years! My favorite B-Day is also the 16th...I will explain why when I answer the questions!!

  6. I can totally relate to number 4.

  7. Love reading your answers
    Major Leif Garrett crush in 8th grade.
    The socks are adorable especially with the red shoes!
    I had on Christmas socks today but were hidden with by booties and tucked in pants.
    They are pink with red and white snowmen!!

  8. I loved reading your answers! You husband sounds like a total sweetheart. :)

    LOVE the socks!

  9. I love your travel plans. Can you take me with you? Anyway, I really hope you will get to do all of that!!!
    Penguins are the cutest!

  10. OMG Leif!!!!
    I loved Donny Osmond and David Cassidy.
    I even did a drawing of the 'other' cassidy as well!