The only thing that separates us from the animals is our ability to accessorize.-Steel Magnolias

Thursday, December 23, 2010

I am happy to ride in Coach!

Coach hat, coat and purse that is.  I love hitting the last minute Christmas sales.  I have all of Christmas bought and wrapped, but some of the sales are just too good to pass up.  And what better to wear shopping than a little matching coat and purse from Coach? As always, I throw on a hat as well.  Warmth and style!
These pieces were on sale and I had a coupon for 30% off! 

 Look! The sleeves are long enough! Yay!
Did I mention I had a 30% off coupon for Coach?
 I really, really should have had a hat on today.  This Coach purse has angora and is sooo soft!.  Life has been seriously hectic.  Today we still have workers here, but I think this is the last day.  I secretly believe that these guys just come in shake sheetrock dust randomly around the house.  But the addition is done, painted, tweaked, furnished and cleaned.  Now it will just be moving my mother-in-law in tomorrow.  With her Alzheimer's, this is going to  be quite a task.  Obviously she is not happy about this and just wants to stay at her house.  My father-in-law passed June 30 and she is still processing that.  My heart breaks for her!  I love her and wish  I could fix what is going on in her head.  But, I can take the best care of her possible.  My son with Asbergers is struggling, but he is remarkable also.  And Spouse is....well, just being "Alpha Male".  Hey, that sounds like a new blog: A is for Asbergers, Alzheimer's and Alpha males. LOL   

Wait,  I am not sure I have been laughing enough.   I thought I was handling everything pretty well until I saw this on my camera.  My daughter said this is what I have been looking like lately!  Yikes.  It's a character from the cartoon "Fish Hook".   Hmmmm.....I am starting to see the resemblance now.
Hope everyone is having a great week!


  1. do not look like the fish! But we will have to work on making you laugh more! LOVE all the Coach! I may have to borrow some of it!

  2. How does one acquire a 30% off coupon for Coach? I love all the pieces, BTW. That plaid is so pretty.

  3. Joyce- Luck. I signed up for coupons and get 20% off from time to time. But when I went into the store, they were handing out 30% off! I also go online and look around for the best coupons I can find. Thanks for coming by Joyce!

  4. Lise Marie...the Coach jacket and bag are wonderful...they look great on you and that coupon should make you LAUGH! Seriously, with all that you have on your plate with the As, you deserve much more than a great outfit. I hope you have a joyful and peaceful holiday.

  5. Pam, thanks!! I am sending wonderful wishes your way as well.

  6. wow, awesome matching Coach set - love! Wow, I feel for you - I know it will be an adjustment moving your MIL in, but God will bless you for all your efforts. We rehabed my MIL 5 years ago from massive stroke- she came back from feeding tube, diapers, not talking, to completely normal and living on her own! It does make a difference when those you love are around you!! Merry Christmas!

  7. Peggy!!! Thank you. I needed to hear those words today!!! Merry Christmas.

  8. Coach is beautiful. Love, love, love Coach. I can't wait for you ladies to see my new Coach glasses. I need to get photos asap.

  9. I work with a lot of families with kids with Aspergers, and this is definitely the hardest time of year for everyone. Hang in there, and great style!

  10. You are just too darn cute for words!!!!!!