The only thing that separates us from the animals is our ability to accessorize.-Steel Magnolias

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The "CATS" Meow!

Somebody needs lipstick...yikes.
I took my daughter to see CATS  last night. 
We had a magical evening and she got her face painted and...WOW.
The last time I had seen this was in Los Angeles almost 20 years ago with my friend Gordon. It was fun to see it through her eyes and watch the wonder.  We sang the whole way home!

I wore this outfit which (to me) has a very Ralph Lauren feel to it. And it just made me feel festive!
Here is the rest of the story about this outfit....and why I still have it on right now.
We got home around 11 pm. and it looked like a snowstorm hit the inside of my house.  Spouse and sons are oblivious to this disaster that the sheetrock team has left behind.  I tried to ignore it. Really I did.  What had Spouse and boys been doing all evening?  Looking up conspiracy theories on Paul McCartney of the Beatles!!!!   What the heck?????  sorry, I'm feeline a little catty.
I got everyone to bed, went back down to the kitchen area and.....I just couldn't go to bed knowing that dust was everywhere and probably mating and creating even more little dust.  So I start sweeping, this mostly stirs it up.  I Swiffer it...and it makes it kind of muddy.  Back to the sweeping and dusting and then more Swiffering.  Then I see a note that the painters are coming so I need to take everything off the top of all the cupboards.  I look up and see about 100 roosters* staring down at me.  They are laughing.   A while later, they are relocated to new homes in lovely boxes.  They are egg boxes so I knew they would be happy.

Do you ever start something and then just keep going like your body is on auto-pilot and there is no stopping?  At some point (around 3:30 am) I sat down for a minute on the couch and that is where I woke up at 5:45 am.  My daughter is standing there staring at me -still in the clothes from last night- and says
"So, you want new pajama's for Christmas? Is that what you are saying?"

Then it was up and going and getting everyone ready and driving them to school.  Back to the house only to be greeted by the sheetrock team who is there to do THE 2nd COAT!!!  So glad I stayed up all night cleaning up what they did the day before.
At this point I grab my coat and purse and head to work.  When I walked in Joy says "I love your outfit!"
Only then does it hit me that I have come to work in the same clothes, hair and makeup that I slept in and went to Cats in, and Swiffered in.  LOL  
Please tell me I am NOT the only one who has ever done this?????  Please!
We are in a crunch since my Mother-in law is moving in within a week.  She has Alzheimer's so this will be a new and interesting adventure in life.   And I am all about adventure.

Blouse:  Rue21
Sweater:  GAP
Belt:  Loft
Skirt:  apt.9/Kohls
Tights:  Target
Boots:  Anne Klein/TJ Maxx

Kaja and me last night after seeing "CATS"....ahh...the Memories.
All alone in the will be singing this all day.


  1. I wish I could look this good after sleeping in my clothes all day!!!

  2. Holy moly woman! How in the world do you look that good after all that??? Love the outfit though - it is totally worth wearing for 2 days. :-)

  3. Wow, I would have been covered in dust after all that work! Love the skirt, that is so pretty. The outfit is very RL.
    Joy, I think Goody's was a Southern chain. We did not have them in New England, but I remember them from Dallas.

  4. At least it was a great outfit you had to wear 2 days in a row. Are those pictures from day 2 (other than the obvious one that was taken at night w/you and your daughter)? Because there's NO WAY I'd look that fresh after a few hours of sleep!


  5. Would love to see Cats someday...along with Wicked. Sighhhhh...
    Love the skirt with slip-lace detail along the hem. Super cute.

  6. Y'all! You take a bit of hairspray and fluff the hair. I was slouched on the couch so the makeup was sort of intact...sort of. I have no lipstick/gloss on in the pics and it looks like a dusting of blush might be needed. I guess I need to do a tutorial of sprucing up your slept in makeup. I'm a pro.

    Amber-some pics are taken from today. Thanks for coming by!

    Joyce- yes, I got dust on me. I'm pretty sure if you patted my back, dust would cloud around me. :)

    The S.E. - If you were up close you would see that the mascara was a tad clumped! lol and the clothes were a bit rumpled. And I REALLY should have put some gloss on!

    Brittney-I really want to see Wicked!!! Lets go!

  7. You look very elegant and yes Ralph Lauren worthy. I will say that I haven't done the same outfit thing since college and that was for a whole different reason. LOL
    Hope things calm down soon for you and you have an easy adjustment to your new upcoming life.

  8. At least your outfit was cute enough to do a double feature:)

  9. yeah so you look amazing. it's been said before me but i have to agree:) love your boots!! boots make the outfit sometimes, you know? ;)
    Yours Mine and Ours

  10. Okay, I have to say it, You are breathtaking in this! This is absolutely the pepper to your salt, the jelly to your peanutbutter, the olive to your martini, the Clyde to your Bonnie. In other words, this. is. your. JAM! LOVE LOVE LOVE it! ~Serene

  11. After all that, you look that great and you worry about lipstick...I wouldn't worry...this outfit made up for it. The last time we went to see CATS one of them came into the audience and sat in my husband's lap...he still talks about it!!

  12. Lise! We don't do a tutorial in how to refresh slept in makeup because We SHOULDN'T BE SLEEPING IN OUR MAKEUP!!!!

    Not all of us have your perfect skin, you know!


  13. Silvergirl: I won't ask, but I bet that time back in college was a good story. And I bet it didn't involve sweeping. lol

    Birdie: Hey! Thanks for coming by. :)

    Meredith: Why thank you. And you are so right that boots can make outfits go fom drab to fab.

    Serene: I had to drag my Spouse in here to read your comment. You made my day! (week, year?) Thanks. You also made me laugh. cool.

    Pam: Pam, no one sat on anybodys lap :( but we still had fun.

    Joy:Fine. I will do something on skincare and use my powers for good and not evil.

  14. HAHAHA!!! oh my gosh I can so believe it because I have DONE THAT TOO!!!
    Luckily, you look gorgeous so it's a good outfit to repeat! :)
    Glad you enjoyed the show - looks like you two kitties had a great time!

  15. You look lovely! And, yes, I do get on kicks where 'things mustbedone' no matter what I'm wearing. I do think though that it is a routine part of sheetrockers job to clean up after themselves.

  16. Kelly: glad I have a kindred spirit out there! :)

    Terri: I talking with others, it would appear that the sheetrockers should have been the ones to clean up. The other workers doing all the other stuff have been so neat. I think I may have to ask the contractor about this. It was left the same way last night. I am glad you said something! We have to look out for each other.

  17. great story! we are scarily related. grant and the boys know how to maximize efficiency :) outfit is cute; please tell kaja she is my favorite cat of all time!!!

  18. You look amazing and MEOW what a shot!!!!!!!!
    That skirt is gorgeousness!