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Friday, December 3, 2010

Casual Friday Surprises

It's FRIDAY! YAY! We made it thru another week. And fridays are pretty casual around here, so we're a little dressed down today. Lise was actually up all night with a sick child and her husband kindly let her sleep in this morning. He took the kids to school and everything! Unfortunately, he forgot to wake her up. Leah actually woke her up! This is why Lise is wearing a hat today. She got dressed while on the phone. She needed sparkle and threw on her sequin tank, decided she needed color and popped on her red belt and ran out the door!

We had a very lovely surprise today! One of our local followers, Leah Hollett,  and a very good friend of Lise's stopped by the office with her oh so cute children. Seriously, I wanted to eat them up! She made us gorgeous fabric and vintage flower brooches. And does she know us or what?! She definitely reads the blog. She got our colors down pat! We are so excited about them and all the ways they can be worn.

Joy's Flower

Lise's Flower
How cool are these, right? We had some fun with them. Here's all the ways we used the flowers today.

On a chain

On a belt

On a hat

On a sweater

In your hair

Or while you pretend to be a ballerina!
 The possibilities are endless! We told Leah that she needs to make and sell these. I would bet that there are a ton of you that would love to wear one of these. Give her some love, people!

Hopefully, I will finish my Christmas shopping this weekend. Are you finished? Have you even started?

Happy Weekend!


  1. Thank You Leah!!! These are amazing and to die for. I also can't believe that from the time you called me (and woke me up) to the time I got to work was like 20 minutes! I do not think I will do a tutorial on my makeup this morning however. LOL

  2. Aww, random Friday surprises are always a great way to finish the work week and start the weekend!

    Love those flowers, they are versatile and can spice up any outfits!


  3. So cute! Love the patterns!
    Havent even started Christmas shopping yet...not feeling it~but good for you!

  4. I would wear these flowers!! They are so cute and versatile! She should gather fabics and sell them. I began Christmas shopping after work today and it really helped get me in the mood even though it was 80 degrees and I was sweating while standing in line. Tell Lise she looks great in this hat!

  5. Cute flowers, but i am gonna have to go with Lise Marie's flower as my favorite. Those colors are so me!

  6. pretty! i love brooches. so versatile.

  7. Hey Ladies! Thanks! I love mine and have been having fun going through my closet and realizing it matches so many things! Leah, you nailed it with choosing these colors for me.

  8. Hey Joy, I am seeing a giveaway that we need to do here! :)

  9. Oh my .
    These are gorgeous and very well-made!
    i can't decide witch I like the most!!!!
    And that long sequined tank..........
    right up my alley?
    Where'd ya get it and was it this year?
    I may need one ;)
    and i am gushing over Joy and Silvergirl's hair.
    I so want mine to go ahead an get Emmy-Lou color already! I am as of right now ( when un-colored) kind of skunk-looking. The stripe is over my right eye...........

  10. Oh, and what is the link for buying those flowers?
    Too well done, Me thinks me needs one :)

  11. Love those! What a unique idea. BTW Joy, your shoes are FAB!