The only thing that separates us from the animals is our ability to accessorize.-Steel Magnolias

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Hats off to Joy!

  I have really enJoyed this past week and looking at the awesome sweaters of Joys.  So, I looked through my closet and....nothing....   How is it that after all these years, I don't even have as much as a t-shirt with snowmen or something.  Hey, I'm a pretty festive kind of gal.  But I admit an aversion to seasonal sweaters.  It's like kryptonite and somehow I even made it safely through substitute teaching without succumbing to the evil powers of sequin covered sweaters from places like Christopher & Banks who perpetuate this poor choice of fashion.

But I did find some interesting things of my own in there.  I have this thing for funky tights...and HATS!
I love hats!  I would wear one every day if I could.  Yesterday I wore these tights and had a similar experience to Joys a few weeks ago.  Maybe its the color or something but I kept getting stopped by people who wanted to know if they were tattoos!  What?  Seriously?    One guy even pulled on them to make sure.  ewwwww.   Joy and I thought it was pretty funny that our tights have caused such a stir in Madison County, GA.

Tattoo's?  lol

 I do have one little evil holiday secret.  One of Spouses clients brings me a christmas pin every year.  I look forward to my "Helen pins".  I have about 10 now and wear them every day.  So, I do have a tacky holiday bling thing too.  This is the pin from this year.  Its silver and pink and fun!  And it looks perfect on this Arden B coat from a consignment store ($15).  Love it!

Don't believe me about the hats?  Here's the proof.  And this was just the last couple days!

Stay warm and have a great weekend.  And by the way, we would love to hear about what holiday fashions you have fun with.


  1. Oh my gosh!!! I have those same tights! I got them last year because I thought they were sooooo cool! Alas, when I put them on, I felt like my legs looked like they either had some kind of skin disease OR possibly my legs got turned inside out. Another dilemma of mine in which I really like the way it looks on someone else (YOU) and feel like it look ridiculous on me! By the way, I just cannot make myself put on holiday clothing. But Joy looked adorable in all of hers...they were all so unique! ~Serene

  2. Don't tell Joy...but I will take the pins, hats, and tights over the sweaters any day!! SHHH...we will keep that a secret!

  3. The tights with that coat... Bold Choice!
    I'm just saying...xoxo
    Love the pin thing!
    You can rock a hat, I have hat envy, btw your hair looks fab in the coat/tight pic.

  4. I love hats too! They are so much fun and add some sass to an outfit! :)

    Those tights are super fun - although I don't know why people think they're tattoos! lol

  5. Hmm, I like those tights...but I can see where a stranger might think they were tattoos!

  6. Serene: We are kindred spirits or something. You could totally get away with tights like this so get them out and get them on girl :)

    Pam:shhhh...we will keep it just between the two of one else will ever know ;)

    silvergirl: It was a bold choice..and a COLD choice. It looked sunny and I went out and brrrrr...I had to throw on a coat. I think it worked though. ?

    Kelly, I bet you look great in hats! And with your haircut it would be super cute.

    Terri: Joy and I decided that when you have crazy tights they need to be a crazy color. If you have anything that is remotely skin-colored it will throw people off. And these are kind of sking colored. Buyer (of tights) beware. YOur legs may be touched for proof.

  7. Oh, how fun to have a little pin collection! And, I totally second your motion re: hats. They're the best! Society would be more civilized if we wore (and doffed) our caps again!

  8. What a great coat and the pin is adorable and looks fab with it. Who ever thought of a pink & green Christmas tree pin is a designer after my own pink & green heart!
    I was thinking the same think about the tights - if they were a different background color, it wouldn't be so confusing.
    I'm not a Christmas-sweater-wearer myself, but I enJoyed seeing Joy's sweaters :)

  9. Hey, y'all. I'm not done with the sweaters. I have a couple of more!

  10. Glad to see someone else is not a festive holiday sweater collector..I mean nothing against those who names mentioned...
    But there IS other festive fun to be had! Earrings, hats, pins, stockings ALL OF THE ABOVE! I Went with the stockings....

  11. Yummy coat !!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I am getting photos in of pearl-clad ladies today!
    so exciting!!!
    Can't wait to see your's and Joy's!

  12. I can't believe someone was so convinced those were tatoos that they'd invade someone's bubble to find out. Ew is right! And I LOL'd at the part about teaching/holiday sweaters. My mom is the counselor at an elementary school and I'm always teasing her that it's only a matter of time before she drinks the kool-aid and buys one!