The only thing that separates us from the animals is our ability to accessorize.-Steel Magnolias

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Gray Skies Are Gonna Clear Up....

New shoes! Sparkly tank and scarf! Bling on pockets!

What's up with that pose?!
I must have been feeling gray yesterday as I dressed in it from head to toe! But it did have some sparkle to it. I guess that was my silver lining?! HA!  And I had on new shoes! That always makes me happy. What makes me even happier is new shoes that were on clearance for $12, at Kohl's!

Today, I decided, needed to be brighter and sparklier and shinier! (Moment of silence for Firefly. The geeks among us will get it.) Which is ironic because as I type this the sun isn't quite as bright as when I came in and gray clouds are coming in. What's up with that?

 I did my favorite thing of putting a sequin tank over a t shirt. I'm nothing if not consistent. And then I couldn't decide whether to wear my sparkly silver sweater or not. What do you think? I added the pink scarf for a shot of color. It's got blue and black and other colors in it, too, but you can't really see them in the pictures.
Without the sweater

With the sweater

See the other colors in the scarf?

Here's the other watch I got at the same time as the red.
You can see it's a little bigger than the red one.

Blake has been my photographer this week and he insisted that he be on the blog, too! LOL He's done a pretty good job.

I just want to say how much I love everyone that follows us and the comments that you leave. Especially the comments left to Lise yesterday.  You really don't know how much they mean to her and how much they help her. It helps knowing that others have gone or are going thru the same thing. It helps her keep her sense of humor and her sanity. Thank y'all so very much for that!


  1. I'm new to checking out your blog. I really enjoy looking at the interesting ways that y'all put items together. And I especially LOVE the way you have fun doing it! For me, clothing is always a challenge. I love pretty things, but I never seem to make it a priority for ME. And when I do try, it's stressful for me because I'm somewhat "challenged" in terms of figuring out what I should invest my limited budget in. It's great to see wonderful examples of fun ideas. Keep it up, please!!!!!
    By the way, you look very "shiny" in this outfit. (Gotta love Firefly!)

  2. Way to "bring the bling" in these outfits! I think your monochromatic look is so pretty! By the way, your makeup always looks amazing!

  3. I love a little bling..approprite in both looks and just add sparkle to the day!! Bling is another one of those things that just make me both of you ladies do!!

  4. Your photographer is adorable! I've gotta get one of the sequined tank tops so I can copy your look!

  5. Look at Blake- he looks so sweet! My son is my photographer too! He's 12. WHere did you get that tank?? So awesome - I want one. AND I looked for a watch like that white one ala - The Blind Side and couldn't find one -where did you get it? AND -great minds think alike - did you see my post on the shoes??? - You will get tons of compliments on them!!

  6. Joy, the other thing I wanted to tell you was -your makeup always looks great!!

  7. Peggy, I DID see your shoes! So of course, I had to wear mine the very next day!! The tank is from Charlotte Russe. I have several from there.

    I got my watches at a vendor kiosk at the mall. They have them on amazon, though.

    Kinsey and Peggy, thank you! It's all about the powder. I use Neutrogena Mineral Sheers powder foundation. Under that, all I use is a little concealer. The powder is amazing!

    Jen, I'm glad someone got the Firefly reference! LOL And you must do for YOU as well as everyone around you. Lise and I are clearance rack and thrift store fiends. We don't spend a lot on clothes, really. Well, her husband does sometimes shower her with fantastic things like the Coach jackets and purses!

  8. I loved both outfits!
    I was on Garnet Hill yesterday (sent over there by Autumn of Design Dump) and saw a $9 trench in the clearance section, thought I'd post the link here:

  9. I like it with the sweater better. Adds some contrast!
    Jealous of your white watch, it is like the one I lost, hey you didn't take it did you??? LOL

  10. Thanks Joy! So funny, I didn't even see Kinsey's comment about the makeup. I use mineral powder foundation too - don't remember the name. I will have to look and see if it's Neutrogena.

  11. Joy, you just look so pretty! I'm completely feeling the sparly tank! I couldn't help but notice the tin of popcorn in the picture of your son. May I just say that's one of my favorite things about Christmas! I can go through one of those tins in a couple of hours......embarrassing really, but once you start you just can't stop. I mix the cheesy with the caramel corn and HMMMMMMMMM, I need to stop now. I still have one in the kitchen that I'm determined NOT to touch! Hugs!!! ~Serene

  12. Oooh the new shoes look super fun! I like the sparkley sweater with teh sparkley tank. Tis the season, afterall!

  13. Well, you really know how to work a scarf! And those grey cords are a fantastic go-to item and great fit!

  14. Serene, my mom buys those tins for the kids EVERY year. They look forward to it!! The cheese and the caramel are my faves, too!!

  15. Love that watch! And scarf! And shoes!

  16. Hey Lady (Joy), I earned that Coach stuff!! LOLOL!!!
    You are sparkly and so pretty today! I miss being at work but Blake is doing a great job as photographer. I'm also glad you have someone (Jen) who got your firefly reference. And I love some of the links people are adding to their comments because we ALWAYs are up for new places to shop!! That reminds me, Kohls Cash-last day is Saturday to use them (hint hint Joy)