The only thing that separates us from the animals is our ability to accessorize.-Steel Magnolias

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Doggone Fashion

Looking Dog tired??? lol

My outfit today came about by a series of unfortunate events. Let me explain. "No, there is too much to explain, let me sum up" (why yes, I have memorized all the lines from The Princess Bride).

After driving 4 kids to 3 schools, its back home and get dressed for work. I'm all dressed except for my shoes. I go to get my favorite shoes. I truly love these shoes. Leather ballet flats from Ann Taylor Loft that fit like a dream! They are classy without looking frou-frou. The best thing is...the COLOR! It took me years to find this color red. They are the perfect berry red. No orange, burgundy, or Georgia bulldog red here. Pure, true, perfect (for me) red.........and one of them is in the mouth of the 6 month, 55 lb, chocolate, standard poodle.

"NOOOOOOOO!!!! Baron Von Hershey, NO!"

Mind you the shoe was next to the mate in a shoe organizer hanging on the inside of my closet door. Not carelessly laying around here folks. He has been gnawing on in for awhile and apparently was not aware of its value. As he hears my voice and sees me coming for the shoe, he does what any other dog would do. He takes it in his mouth and RUNS.

NOOOOO! And the race is on! Around the house we go. I try pretending that I don't care about the shoe and hope he will lose interest, but that does not work. His powers of evil are to0 great. Back to the chase then. I finally have him as we come around the corner into the sitting room when he is going faster than his body has coordination for and skids across the recently cleaned wood floor. I try to come to a complete stop but in avoiding the dog I find myself tripping and falling. This freaks the bobcat sized Maine Coon cat who throws himself into the fray.

In the end my foot is wedged between 55 lbs of poodle, a case opening of a door and 30 lbs of hissing cat. (and of course I am totally giggling...and in pain)

But, I am holding my shoe. My poor dead, chewed up....and....spit out shoe *sob*!

I am also now late for work and need to throw on a different outfit.....doggone it!!!!

My outfit would look better with amazing boots. However, my toe would have none of that!!! It was still throbbing. Fine. Flats.
I came in the door at work and showed Joy my shoe. She confirms time of death. We have a ceremony.

**My Atty wants me to add that no animals were harmed in the making of this outfit. heehee

Tunic, leggings & jewelry = Ann Taylor Loft
Shoes = Bandolino (grey tweed with buckles) gift from my sister Charlotte. How cool!

Jacket = Romeo & Juliet Couture (thrifted from Park City when I was at the Sundance Film festival....good movies and great clothing finds!)
Have a wonderful day to our readers! We love you and thanks for stopping by!


  1. And a very sad ceremony it was.

    I love that rain coat. I think I need it!

  2. Sounds like you had a ruff morning :) But you still managed to look fantastic! Thanksgiving thrifting sounds awesome. Not sure what our plans are yet, but if we're down, then I'm down!

  3. Hokie, thanks for dropping by. It was a "ruff" morning. You are awesome! Hope you make it down!

  4. Hi Lise Marie!! I'm sorry you had a tough morning but I have to say - you look amazing!! Thanks for all the lovely comments on my blog - I'm now a follower on yours! :)

  5. Hi and Welcome Kelly!!! We love having you here and thanks for following us also.