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Monday, November 15, 2010

There Are Daisies and Then There are Daisies

Anyone else have a 12 year old daughter? Is she a tomboy? I have a beautiful 12 year old daughter who is a huge tomboy. I can count on one hand the number of times she's worn a dress in the last 7 years. (It's 3, by the way.) I always dreamed of having a girly girl that I could dress up in ribbons and bows. That is not what God intended for me, obviously.  She thinks clean tennis shoes means she's dressed up. She's a jeans and t shirt kind of gal.  But in the last 6 months, she has slowly been changing into a girl. These aren't big steps, mind you. It started in the summer and she wanted to shave her legs. I almost fell out when she asked. I wanted her to wait a little longer because we all know what a pain shaving is once you start. Well, she went behind my back and did it anyway. <sigh> Well, whatever. She'll learn soon enough it's a pain. Then it was contacts. Then it was mascara. If you knew her, you'd know this was ALOT in a span of a month.  She has long hair that she won't do anything with.  She has never liked ribbons and bows and curling irons or anything. She wears it all one length and straight. Or it's in a pony tail, and NEVER a headband. This week she actually asked me to roll her hair. OMG! I did it and wow, the child has pageant hair when it's rolled. She went home with a friend this weekend and came home asking for a flat iron and for Lise to cut her hair in a style. Lise and I are both floored. Lise has been dying to get her hands on that child's hair.  In the next breath, she announces she wants to go hunting with her daddy that afternoon. Um..ok. And if she kills a deer she wants to spread the blood across her cheeks. Nice. We went from flat irons to deer blood in the space of a breath.  In Ben's family, you got a BB gun when you turned 13. I don't know what is magical about that age but Leah has a PINK Daisy BB gun already picked out. From a Daisy razor to a Daisy BB gun.  Ain't growing up fun?!

So, here's my outfit today. It has nothing to do with the above post. It's rainy and gray today. I have on a pop of red as usual. It's my go to color. It's my signature color. It's just me! The shoes are Aigner from the outlet we used to have here. I miss it so much. The sweater is Liz Claiborn bought when that outlet went out of business!! The red t shirt is Kohl's and the pants are Mossimo thrifted for $4 at Goodwill!!

Happy Monday!!


  1. I can't WAIT to get my hands on her hair! I am still trying to over that fact that she is asking me to cut her hair instead of you begging her to let me. Cool.

  2. Wow that does seem like a big change. My mom was blessed with 2 girly girls and I think it seems like a pain to have clothe and make up obsessed girls!

  3. I know how shocking this is for you. She'll never completely lose the tomboy, she's just trying out her "girly" side. If you're lucky, she'll be a girlytomboy :-)

    Little Leah is growing up

  4. Tomboys grow up to be the best BOY moms! So, maybe there is a grandson way in your future. She may have a little crush on a boy at school and that is the reason for the sudden interest in a touch of girly! Those crushes can bring on a barrage of changes! I miss those little girl is 24!
    BTW, I love your shoes!

  5. Thank you! Red shoes just make me happy!

    And there is a new little boyfriend. He's not the first bf, though. And for a little tomboy, she's been pretty popular. She's very much like me in that you get what you see and she's not changing for anybody!

  6. you are all hilarious and oh so stylish! i just laughed out loud reading this post and some of the others! can't wait to read more and see what you girls are wearing next!


  7. Joy, I have two older boys so can't help you there...
    Love your relaxed pose--you look like you've been modeling your whole life!

  8. Ahhhh...and so it begins, daughter is 18..enough said, lol:)

    You like so pretty in your outfit today...I LOVE all the wine touches...really pretty color on you...thanks for your sweet comment today:)

    Stop by and say Hello ♥
    I’m an MTV Style Blogger of the Week!!!

  9. I have a boy, too. My kids are just a year apart. Yeah, we don't know how it happened either! LOL The girl is my athlete and the boy is my bookworm geek!

    Modeling all my life?! HA! I am sooo uncomfortable posing. You should see all the shots we deleted today! We laughed at them first, though.

    Thank you, Collette!! I love pretty much any shade of red!

  10. You look great in that photo! Red is such a flattering color on you!

    Ah, the teen years begin... I used to teach 11-13 year olds and the difference in those three years is amazing!! Perhaps she has just discovered boys? :)

  11. Joy--thanks for visiting Rags. I have raised three daughters and I remember the awkward days of their adolescence all too well. The oldest more or less lacquered one bathroom with hair spray. The youngest would hide the physical evidence of starting her menses in the toybox. All you can do is roll with the punches.

    So, a pink gun! Is she a good shot?

  12. IN THE TOYBOX?!! OMG!! I am laughing so hard! I am so not ready for that part of it!

    Actually, she is a pretty good shot!!

  13. That's why God gave me boys. He knew I couldn't handle the disappointment have not having a girly girl!
    Love the pop of color.
    I hardly ever wear red, I will have to give it a try.